Video Game Diaries

This is a class on Video Game Theory, which means that in addition to reading about video games you should also be playing them. There are no requirements about what format you should play them in  or what games you should play (other than perhaps branch out and play games outside your comfort zone.)

You will each need to keep a daily/weekly diary of your game playing during the course.

Write about what games you are playing/have played each day.  Have you played this game before? What made you choose it? What time of day did you start to play? How long did you played?

What mood were you in when you started playing and when you finished? What aspects of the game play stood out to you? What did you notice about the game world that you didn’t notice before?

I have created a page for each of you. You are

Austin Bennet

Gage Cascio

Parrish Colbert

Ashley Craduer

Zachary Ehrat

Clark Faust

Ryan Freels

Collin Gallivan

Louis Gill

Clayton Goodman

Stefan Grimsley

Reed Hoekstra

Jaylin Johnson

Sam Lundberg

Jenny Machura

Natalie Masucci

Aaron Miller

Dimitri Moraetes

Shane Newman

Marta Parrillo

Thomas Pepper

Chelsea Spence

Melissa Suggs

Garrettkay Willis Bonner

Alex Wilson

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