Assignment #2

Animation Assignment #2

Revised Due date: 2/22/16

You will need to turn in a prospectus for your final project. Think carefully before you decide, because of the nature of the work and the time needed for good scholarly research or creative animation, you will not be able to change your mind.

Final Paper:

  1. Preliminary title
  2. Thesis statement: what argument are you going make
  3. A paragraph or two outlining how you will go about making that argument (what is your approach to the material?)
  4. A brief annotated bibliography (this means you need to actually look at the sources you will be using, how will these books/articles help your research – a short paragraph for each book/article – a minimum of 4 items – web sources do not count)
  5. A time line for completing research

Animated Project:

  1. List of group members and how the work will be divided
  2. Type of animation: experimental, orthodox?
  3. Materials: puppet, clay, cell, cutouts, lego, other? (Discuss how these will be built, by whom and your aesthetic approach)
  4. Story outline: provide information about location, setting, characters, time frame, and action
  5. Preliminary storyboard
  6. A time line for completing production


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