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  1. Daniel Vincent

    I was definitely impressed by this, both with the modeling and with the camera movements. I imagine this took quite some time to perfect, as CGI definitely takes a while to finish and render. There’s not much else to say about it, but it’s cool.

  2. Jon Booker

    very interesting modeling and nice use of animation. what program did you use? Also just curious did you have some inspiration from Spyro? The horns on the head and body type are very similar to Spyro. Very well crafted. I would like to see a slideshow or presentation on how you came up with the idea.

  3. Garrett Lindgren

    The character modeling and texturing is very successful in your film. The scene is lit well enough so that the model and the terrain are legible and easy to understand. The sound effects could potentially use some work in terms of timing and volume due to some areas where the effects are slightly loud and others slightly soft. The character rigging seemed natural and smooth as if it mimicked the real flow of movement for the creature. The terrain seems rather low-poly to where it’s reminiscent of classic video games. This aesthetic is not undesirable entirely but a slightly higher resolution render might improve its legibility; though I understand that takes a substantial toll on render time. The camera movements are a little fast for my taste; I had to watch the clip a few times in order to grasp the full range of movement. I would suggest lingering on angles some more and maybe pulling the frame out a bit so the viewer has a chance to come to terms with the image.

  4. Joshua Price

    Yes, just yes, I felt like I was back at the playstation. Good work, the design overall was cool and,for the idea of a flying snow leopard, bravo, I mean the spikes in the back gave it an extra creature like feature, maybe a dragon. It felt like spyro, maybe a syprol, a spyro snow leopard.

  5. Trevor Leavell

    I really like the design and modeling of the subject. Only complain, and more of a personal thing really, was the sound. I heard it clip at a few parts, but that’s really it. Really enjoy the outcome of this project.

  6. Kenneth Christensen

    I definitely love the leopard dragon; I am very impressed by that. I would definitely like to know what program you used to create that. It looks pretty professional as well. I would like to hear how you did this in more detail. Did you draw it out first? Or did you just sue computer graphics? I think this is a very well done piece and looks like it could turn into something more if you wanted it to. though clearly animated, the movement makes me feel like I am watching a living animal. I would do experimental with photorealism as well as animated pieces with this creature and find out what works best.

  7. Timothy Rosenberg

    Wow! Was this made in Maya? Looks great. I agree that it seems like you took a little inspiration from Spyro, but it might also just be that cartoon dragon look that is pretty common all over. One thing, the rock she’s standing on seemed a little jagged and the textures could’ve been mapped slightly better, but all in all, looks amazing.

  8. Tara Lowry

    This is amazing! What a beautiful design for your cat dragon. Plus you had some great camera movements following some very fluid and believable figure movement. It had a very definitive video game style and feel. I would love to see it in such a context. Of course, I want to make video games for a living so I am also especially partial to this style. Great work!

  9. Maggie Batson

    This is impressive, I tried to watch the presentation but I couldn’t hear anything…? Beside that though, this is amazing, the animation is smooth and understandable and your texturing is great. I am also curious as to what program you used. My only comment would be to maybe slow the camera just a tad, it was a little quick, making it feel a little jerky as it moved through the scene, but overall, this is great work.

  10. Dennis Hinton

    Nice 3d work! very impressive. Would like to see it do more but I know the tedious process of 3d animation so don’t mind the comment lol.

  11. Stefan Barnwell

    A very pretty animation. I’ve only done modeling in a 3d program so I’m very impressed with the animation and camera work, and the modeling is the best I’ve seen so far.

  12. Tiffany McLaughlin

    This is so pretty! I haven’t seen any from this class with this sort of animation design. It is crisp and moves flawlessly. I do suggest working on the sound, it is a bit choppy at parts. That might just be my headphones though! Great work.

  13. Evan Swiech

    Cool animation. It’s great how the catdragon flaps its wings several times as it lands because it’s more realistic that way, like a bird landing. I do have a question about the fact that it is all one shot: do you want it to look like a video game? If so, then one continuous shot is perfect. If that is not what you’re going for, I would recommend a cut in between the landing and the climbing on the rock.

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