Presentations of Final Projects

Hello Everyone!

Reminder: We will not meet on May 2nd. As I mentioned in class last week, we are rearranging things to accommodate for the variety of activities planned for May 2nd. You can use this day as a work day and/or participate in the myriad activities planned for that day. In light of the fact that we will not be meeting I would like every to post in the link for that date how you chose to use the class time.

Also, because we have had to rearrange things we will no longer so in class presentations. ALL students must record their presentations and post the link on their page (you will find links below.)

Presentation Guidelines:

Each person/group will have 10-15 minutes to present their work. All presentations should be recorded (how you do this is up to you) and posted on youtube or vimeo.

  • If you are presenting a paper, you should have a power point with illustrations and salient points. You can include clips as long as they are less than 1 minute total. Remember, you are not presenting your whole paper, just the basic gist of your argument (10 minutes will be 5-8 pages). Your thesis should be clearly outlined and one or two examples to back up your thesis. Close with a line or two about the importance of the research you are presenting.

  • If you are presenting an animated project, be prepared to pitch your project. Prepare a powerpoint presentation that outlines structure and/or characters and plot points. You should discuss the concept behind your project and all the work that went into planning, production, & post. If you worked in a group, all members should participate in the presentation, discuss everyone’s roles on the project, what worked, what didn’t, what you would do differently next time. Show your work in progress either in still or animatic form.

Practice your presentation ahead of time so you have the timing down. You need to post the link to your presentation on your page NO later than May 6th by 3pm.

You will need to watch each person’s presentation and comments/provide constructive criticism prior by May 12th.

All students must attend the Final Exam scheduled for Friday May 13th from 12:30 to 2:30 pm. You must turn in your completed final project at this time. If you did a paper, please turn in a hard copy. If you did an animated project one your your group members should have it on a hard drive that can be transferred to my computer.

Stefan Dionte & Laura

Maggie & Tara

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Charlie & Jeremy