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  1. Jon Booker

    Very interesting take on Betty Boop. I agree that she was doomed from the beginning due to being based on a flapper girl in the 1930’s. If you remember the scene in Roger Rabbit which takes place in the 40’s, she even states that she is outdated compared other sex symbols like Jessica Rabbit. It is something to point out that even after the Hays code we do not remember Betty in the longer dresses and change in appearance. We remember her as the clueless flapper girl from her debut. I feel like that is a sign to how successful the character was in her early days. The presentation was good. some of the video and quality was not the best but that can just be that some of them are from older material.

  2. Daniel Vincent

    Your analysis is sound all the way through, and I don’t really have many complaints. At some points, I felt like you might have under-mentioned the sheer amount of sex-appeal that added to Betty Boop’s popularity, along with how feminism has changed the way we look back on the character, but in a way, that’s very interesting, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen Betty Boop analyzed in a way that ignores her over-sexuality. So props to you on that, I really enjoyed this.

  3. Garrett Lindgren

    Your presentation came across as well rehearsed and practiced. Your voice over flowed well and the clip overlays fit nicely. It’s interesting that such a sexually charged cartoon character was drawn by a male animator. This pays homage to the writers’ room consisting of white males, especially during this time when animators were predominantly male pandering to the male gaze. It is also interesting to bring up the notion of censorship causing a failure of Betty’s popularity. This makes it seem more plausible that the cartoon was intended for risky and flapper style imagery.

  4. Jeremy Thurlby

    I am more intrigued by the appropriation of the videos used in the presentation. I was wondering what the copyright issues there may be to using them in this fashion.

  5. Charles Scott

    I am interested to know why this topic interests you. The paper lacks any personal touch whatsoever; this just seems like regurgitation.

  6. Joshua Price

    An in depth view on Betty Boop, I like it. One question I always had was why aren’t characters like Betty Boop and others like Astro boy or even Mickey are not at the forefront of animation like they use to be or at least as prominent, and of course its to make room for originality., and they just stopped making them but in a way you gave another reason. Good work.

  7. Kenneth Christensen

    This video is well presented. It’s interesting how she was toned down, I never knew that. It’s a bit of a shame that Betty became old news in just a few years. The analysis is very well done and very informative. I like how you discuss what led to the Betty Boop decline. It is clear that Betty was more of an adult character due to the fact that she appealed to the male audience in a sexual way. I really enjoyed the video.

  8. Trevor Leavell

    Your presentation was very interesting as when you cut between the show and you talking, it added something very personal to your presentation. Your argument is very cohesive, and seems like you put some hard work into it.

  9. Timothy Rosenberg

    I like how you discuss factors other than censorship that helped tone her down. It also really shows how messed up people were to just stop watching a show because her dress gets longer. The death of Betty Boop makes a lot more sense after you interpretation. Good job!

  10. Tara Lowry

    Your presentation was very thorough and very clear and you covered all the bases you needed to cover. I’m glad you broke up your talking with these clips to illustrate what you were talking about. I can’t decide if I like that you analyzed her without discussing how overly sexualized she is, though it is definitely interesting to see without it being mentioned either way.

  11. Maggie Batson

    I do agree that your presentation is well put together, I liked the intro leading us into your speaking. As far as your topic, it’s interesting, and yet again I am an inadequate film major as I really don’t feel acquainted with this show, aside from the bits we’ve seen/discussed in class. I do find it interesting though.

  12. Dennis Hinton

    Never really had much experience with viewing betty boo other than seeing her on who framed roger rabbit for a brief second. And never knew the person who animated snow white created betty.

  13. Tiffany McLaughlin

    I love Betty Boop and I’m glad you talked about this. All the censorships on her is crazy to me and I never knew that about her. I am thoroughly impressed with all the history you found on her and examined the purpose of her gimmicks.

  14. Casey

    Your walk through the history of Betty Boop helps a lot. Your speak succinctly and in a way that allows me to learn. You seem to enjoy theory and history of cinema. As for the subject-matter, I think you have chosen a workable thesis (that a declining sub-culture combined with poor character development killed the animated icon) and incorporated it extremely well within the history of the character.

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