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  1. Daniel Vincent

    I just kinda liked the film initially, and if you cut the ending a little bit with the cycling, I’d like it a lot more. However, your presentation really made me appreciate the craft you put into this short. The method of using wood to make models is really fascinating and I wasn’t bored once during that. Thus, I appreciate Round Jon as a film more after your presentation, and I really thought the whole thing, presentation and film, were well-done.

  2. Garrett Lindgren

    I like how you pull inspiration form your own work prior to this project. It’s interesting to see how you can push your idea forward by thinking critically about your own designs and sketches. I also appreciate how you pull from earlier forms of print making in your process, it gives the final animation a unique look and feel. You also did a good job explaining the process you went through will well documented steps of your entire workflow. It puts into perspective the amount of work went into the final product of your work. Having access to such professional tools and equipment served to push the quality of your work further. The style of movement of Round Jon reminded me of The Adventures of Prince Achmed which utilized cutouts for characters which were hinged together to make the actual animation process a lot easier and more conducive to smoother movement.

  3. Jon Booker

    Nicely done. Like how you incorporated Printmaking into the animation. Like how theres an allusion to see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil in your piece. The music goes along perfectly with the animation. Great Job!!

  4. Joshua Price

    By the content of this project, I like you. It’s very well done, and has an ambiguous meaning. I felt like it meant our perception controls our emotions, and that if someone can manipulate, or just take our perception, then they can emotionally control us. Kind of like TV.

  5. Timothy Rosenberg

    Damn dude! That was intense. I really liked the process of how you went about it. It definitely ends up with a creepy vibe full of dread and uneasiness. Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing more stuff like this.

  6. Trevor Leavell

    I really liked your animated short, and your presentation really showed that you put some pretty hard work into your final product. The animation kind of reminded me of old cinema like Dr. Caligari sort of movies. Your presentation was not only very informative, but it was also pretty entertaining and engaging. Excellent job!

  7. Kenneth Christensen

    The video was awesome, though a bit disturbing. It definitely gives off the feeling that it is a work of art. The music you chose definitely goes with the picture. I also get the sense that this piece is telling us something, which is very important. I believe that this piece is enough to cause scholars to come up with various interpretations in the future which is important to the intellectual concepts of the art itself.
    The presentation was good. A bit of background noise, but good nonetheless. I am impressed that you have ran with this piece for so long. Incorporating the printmaking to the animation piece is a great idea, and I would explore ways to expand on that by using other techniques as well. I definitely like the concept that what we love so much can ultimately devour us, this is so true and this video makes me want to take a step back, take a deep breath, and enjoy life as opposed to just going for the goal. I definitely love how you go into detail on how you created the piece. I love the step by step process you take us through, thats a very professional way to do things, and also shows that you are dedicated to doing this work. I definitely see that you have a lot of patience. Great piece.

  8. Fiona Finnigan

    Interesting. I like how you incorporated printmaking, an art form which is notable for it’s ability to make multiple copies of the same image, into the animation process. You managed to get quite a bit of emotion into what are otherwise very simple figures.

  9. Tara Lowry

    I was glad to see you explain in-depth how you went about creating your piece. As for the actual animated piece, I think the font on the frame that says “good-bye” should be bolder or brighter. It needs to stand out more as I had to strain my eyes to see it, though that might just be my laptop. I also would shorten the ending, as I was looking at the same cycle repeatedly for an uncomfortable amount of time. However, I think your use of color was very smart and you had some strong character portrayed in the faces of both Round Jon and the three witches.

  10. Maggie Batson

    Along with the others I do enjoy the incorporation of printmaking, I also thought that the soundtrack for the video worked really well. The tone of the music works well with the creepy tone of the film, I enjoyed it.

  11. Stefan Barnwell

    Nice, I was not expecting the video to go in that direction. Your presentation was very informative, I can tell your very passionate about the process.

  12. Casey

    The images in the film look beautiful, and the presentation completely went against my expectations as to how some of the animation was pulled off. Nice work, and great, insightful presentation.

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