Final Project Proposal

Due: Thursday 4/10


Each student will be required to complete a final project utilizing two of the proto-cinematic devices covered in class. Your weekly projects have been exercises to prepare you for your final project.

You will have to submit a written proposal discussing which two protocinematic methods you will utilize to create two original works of art for your final project. If devices are necessary to view your final project, they must be fully functioning. In addition to functionability, you must pay attention to aesthetics. Remember these devices were works of art in themselves and very much a part of the audience appeal. Discuss your viewing/projecting device – what worked and what didn’t, what are you going to do to improve the device. Next discuss the two new works of art you will be creating. What are the themes/narratives you will be working with.

You should submit designs, a list of materials needed, projected costs and completion schedule for finishing the project.


Final projects are due in class on April 29th (no late submissions will be accepted so plan accordingly.)

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