Impromptu Assignment 1

Create a visual representation considering: What is gender? What does it mean for you? How does the media construct gender?

First Entry – zipper

Entry Two – Scan


Entry Three – gender

Entry 4 – Gender 2


Entry 5 – gender3


Entry 6 – gender4


Entry 7 – gender

Entry 8 – gender5


Entry 9 – Gender Representation I realize gender and sexuality are fluid and complex, but my performance of femininity is very narrow and definitive. In that way, my feminism is very complicated. I hope these photos capture that.

Entry 10 – GenderGender to me is man and woman. Also gender in my mind is a changing concept. From I love Lucy, where women were “the house wives” to Orange is the Ne Black where there is a transgender thrown into a women prison. In history men were men and women were women. Now, to me, gender is up in the air. Gender roles are different also. Pretty soon there will be less of a difference between the two genders besides there genitalia. Men who want to be women can be and women who want to be be can be. So my point is gender is always changing, but in reality both men and women are equal and all come from the same thing. The images that I have chosen show how popular culture views my idea.

Entry 11 – Gender


Entry 12 – gendering


Entry 13 – Overly Manly Man Meme


1 thought on “Impromptu Assignment 1

  1. Kerra Taylor

    These entries are very nice. I really like Entry 10 because it implies that both man and woman can adhere or coexist as the same and be happy regardless if this refers to self or being in a family/relationship. It’s about acceptance. I myself believe that gender is obsolete. Regardless of your sex, men and women have a responsibility to take care of themselves and it isn’t always about being waited on, but about being independent and taking charge. Roles are switching and both men and women can achieve their dreams if they work hard enough for it. The only limit is yourself.

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