CP460 Class Presentations

Kendrick Branch    Comics and Cinema

Levi Brown  Neo Noir

Shelby Brown    The Movement of Black Cinema

Parrish Colbert    A I Cinema

Steven Colonero    Horror Films and the Monsters Within

Clark Faust

Alexandra Freda    American Queer Cinema

Christophe Freeman   African American Cinema

Landon Getz The Horror Franchise

Stefan Grimsley History of Special Effects

Evan Halleck    A Brief History of Special Effects

Allison Hudson   History of Female Directors

Angelo Lima   History of the Crusades in Cinema Crusades in Film

Jenny Machura     Adult Animation

David Martin    African Americans in American Cinema

Nick Mertens    History of Censorship

Nick Neal    African American Cinema 20’s, 50’s and 70’s

Chris O’Malley    Queer Cinema

Ben Romang  Independent Cinema

Renee Schyuten    History of Female Adolescent Sexuality

Alex Wilson   Japanese ANIMATION

Andrew Wire Action Heroines

12 thoughts on “CP460 Class Presentations

  1. Renee Schuyten

    I’m really impressed with the wide variety of topics that everyone chose. I know I only realized when I was 3/4 of the way through that I had bit off more than I could fit in 5-10 pages. It’s been a great class, everyone – thank you.

  2. Stefan Grimsley

    Jenny, I took a look at your presentation. I really enjoyed it, Here I thought Adult like animation was a fairly recent thing, I had no idea it has been trying to break free of the childish stigma for so long. Thanks for putting up the great info.

  3. Angelo Lima

    Very nice job Kendrick I like how you had a seamless back and forth transition of visual and written pages to change the pace for the reader and to be able to feel at ease while reading the PowerPoint. Great still images !!

  4. Steven Colonero

    I really liked your Allison on the history of women directors, I really liked how you addressed the issues that they tackled as well, really interesting.

  5. Angelo Lima

    Great job on the videos posted on your PowerPoint Stefan, but I think you could have added a little more detail on the written slides. Great job including George Melies I remember him from Hugo.

  6. Angelo Lima

    Your PowerPoint was very interesting Ben I enjoyed reading all of the different subjects that independent cinema involves including blaxpoitation, sexploitation and even modern independent cinema. Great job explaining this in a simplified fashion. I hope more directors strive to make more independent films in the future.

  7. Shelby Brown

    David I really found you project extremely interested because of we did the same subject but our concept was extremely different. I really enjoyed how you were able to still incorporate the modern black cinema in you project because I didn’t go that far.

  8. Shelby Brown

    Allison your powerpoint was interesting! As a woman and wanting to be a director I think I kind of look pass the fact that there is females directors and they really do not get acknowledge for what they do or how they actually got to that position.

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