I know everyone is so excited about their final project that they are already working on it even though it isn’t due for another 3 weeks.

By Sunday at noon, you must each submit a 1-2 page proposal outlining your project. Include your thesis and approach for your paper or description of your of your game and your use of theory. For either project include a bibliography, at this stage it should include at least two sources (outside of the readings for class).

Email the proposals to me as an attachment – word doc, open office doc, or pdf only.

As a reminder, for the final project you must choose one:

1)You will be tasked with designing a video game utilizing one or more of the theories we have covered in class. You must write a detailed proposal outlining what type of game this will be, what genre, how will theory be integrated into game design/game play, and an explanation of how you think your game will revolutionize the video game industry. You must include mock-ups, descriptions of the game world, characters, schema, narrative and anything else necessary for understanding your game.

2) You can choose one game to play through its entirety (must be something you have not played before) and write theoretical analysis of the game. You will need to develop a research question, do additional research, and conduct an in depth analysis the text you have and theoretical perspective you have chosen.

[Final Project – Outside sources -minimum of 3 plus readings from class.

Total pages to be submitted 10for Undergrads, 15+ for Grads]

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