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    1. Joshua Price

      I don’t animate either but to see this process was encouraging, and it seemed as if you put care into and that is what you can tell most of in a project. I for one am in anticipation for the completed project.

  1. Daniel Vincent

    As someone who didn’t do an animated project and who looked at this one first, this looks pretty impressive judging off the behind the scenes. I know the Canon 7D is a pretty high quality camera, so using it means it should turn out crisp. I’m also impressed by how good the models look, because the bunnies look pretty similar to Aardman quality. But yeah, this looks good and I’m looking forward to seeing the final project.

  2. Jeremy Thurlby

    I appreciate the cartoon like nature of the sculpted animals, to often I think people try to go for a realistic like quality and it takes away from the sculpted item.

  3. Jon Booker

    I like that each of your presentations were different, but coincided with how the film project was made. I also really appreciate that you included the image of the falling apart clay. That shows how tedious claymation can be to work with. Am excited to see the finished product.

  4. Alejandra Vargas

    This looks very impressive! I’ve tried stop motion before and found it was super difficult. However, since you are working with more than two people, I expect the workflow would be more fluent. I look forward to seeing it!

  5. Joey Burrow

    I like how you got an idea from Aesop Fables and then made your own animation. I also really like how you showed how hard it is working with clay for claymation.

  6. Garrett Lindgren

    Your production quality is very outstanding for sure; I appreciate the inclusion of a break away set, though you did not need to use it I’m sure it was a good practice to have utilized. For our project we also utilized clay figurines which were very difficult to work with. I am very impressed with the level of detail in your model making. I can see the amount of time that went into them. I also like how you pulled inspiration for the fables you mentioned and how you worked around a challenge of modeling human beings. I feel like the separate video presentations are a good work around for conflicting schedules but some of the subject matter was overlapped slightly.

  7. Tara Lowry

    I think you’ve got a really solid story idea going that I’m sure plays well on screen. So you said the clay worked well even though one figure broke at the end, but you only used an armature for one of them (and only in the antlers)? Keeping the motions consistent and clean wasn’t a problem without armatures? Also, I’m excited to see the final product and how it works without the backgrounds. I think it would’ve been cool to see pictures of the set with and without them just to see the difference, though.

  8. Timothy Rosenberg

    I liked your behind-the-scenes look, very impressive guys! My group did stop motion as well but it seems like you guys had a more organized layout. Anyway, it all looks and sounds good, super psyched to see the final.

  9. Trevor Leavell

    I really like how each of you individually did a video on your respective parts of the project. You all went into pretty excellent detail on roles within the project and how you did everything else. Very well put.

  10. Kenneth Christensen

    I definitely see extreme care taken in these pieces. Dionne’s video was definitely an analytical type video. I love the concept. I don’t think animals really care if people are watching, at least the dogs in the park last week didn’t, but that’s me. The various concepts are very intreguing and could hint at the beginnings of a much larger fairy tail if you chose this path. The description of what you guys diodes very good and to the point. I definitely enjoy how each video describes the project from various points of view, this gives a better sense of not only what each person did, but gives a sense of how each person felt during the process of creating the piece. It’s definitely good to change the storyboard from time to time as things tend to change as the story progresses. when working on your own pieces outside of class, I would recommend taking at least a year to build the storyboard and study it as new ideas will come to mind, causing the story to change. I like how you describe what did and didn’t work. I would keep the stuff that you created as you might need it later on. I also like how the video presentation changes location as Dionte is in another room at the end of his piece. I also like how you are planning in the video.

  11. Nicholas Price

    Your use of Materials was really interesting… I admire the fact that you used clay. I have found that fit stop motion a combination of sculpey 3 and sculpy primo works really well and you still have the figures afterwards

  12. Maggie Batson

    It sounds like you guys had a lot of really good pre production, which I have found to be a lot more important than I like to give it credit for. I also appreciate that you had some outside sources (Nightmare Before Christmas) to help you design your set, I think that is really cool.

  13. Dennis Hinton

    I find this animation project to be more interesting out of everyone else because going up some of my favorite animation films were mad from clay and used stop animation so I am really fascinated to see how this is going to turn out.

  14. Fiona Finnigan

    Your concept seems interesting, I look forward to seeing the finished animation. I am quite fond of fables and fairy tales, so I think Aesop’s Fables are a great way to start looking for a story, though I sort of wish you had decided to do one of the fables, I actually think a lot of them can be pretty funny. On the other hand, who doesn’t love animals doing weird things.

  15. Tiffany McLaughlin

    Every one of your videos were very thought out and informed. I enjoyed listening to the process and where you guys got your ideas from. You three clearly did a good amount of research to teach yourselves how to make everything.

  16. Casey

    I enjoyed all three presentations as each focused on a separate aspect of the behind the scenes process. I look forward to seeing the actual film, as the discussion got me interested. I am interested in why you decided not to you the backgrounds.

  17. Evan Swiech

    I enjoy the research each of you did no this project, such as finding out how the Halloweentown was created for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and using Aesop’s Fables as your inspiration. Nice job at crafting the characters. If you ever choose to do something like this again, I wonder if you could extend the wire antler frame in your deer to go down its torso. That might help to weigh it down and keep the head from tipping over so much.

  18. Ashley OBrien

    I always enjoy stop motion films. And the fact you used clay made me really interested! The behind the scenes was great. Its good seeing how hard it is to use clay.

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