Metadata Theory & Practice

Group: Lauren Jimenez, Michele Leigh, & Lauren Pirritano

This was our assignment:

  • Group Project

    Design a metadata schema

    This can take the form 1) a new schema of native elements; 2) modifications of existing schemas that demonstrate sufficient innovations; or 3) schemas that incorporate elements of existing schemas in combination with new organizations structures or native elements. Your final submission will include a webpage of a full data dictionary with any supplementary discussion of the development process as well as an index of elements with usage instructions, including homegrown controlled vocabularies and suggested or mandatory links to existing appropriate controlled vocabularies or rules of description along with an XSD file and 2 validating records employing the XSD. This assignment should show off all you’ve learned this semester, both in theory and practice:

    • Your knowledge of how to use rules of description and controlled vocabularies
    • Your research skills in learning from and building on existing schemas in a particular domain space
    • Your technical skills in writing XSD and XML documents and employing the right combination of wrappers, elements, and attributes
    • Your knowledge mapping skills in how you structure your schema to cover the materials in your domain space
    • Your executive functioning skills in balancing completeness with ease of use
    • Your potential for future leadership in the field in the way that you consider audience, politics, and inclusivity in your schema design


    Group Identity, Domain, Potential Users
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