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  1. Daniel Vincent

    I looked at the files Josh posted on Tiffany’s page, as I presume they’re his project. That said, I’m sincerely confused by this. It’s very hard to comment on as you don’t really give much context on what Cowboy Bebop is to someone who might not know the work, and also, several sentences read completely incoherently. I’m sure there’s a good idea behind it, but I can’t give really any criticism off this rough presentation, as I don’t know your argument or any evidence except that it involves Cowboy Bebop.

  2. Jon Booker

    I would say as a powerpoint its is pretty text heavy. Maybe just make bullet points for starting off points and then fill in the rest. Would have liked to of heard some audio of you explaining.

  3. Kenneth Christensen

    Th powerpoint is very text heavy, but very informative. I would have preferred audio as opposed to just seeing it as I believe it may have been even more informative with you explaining it in person. It does however draw my curiosity to Cowboy Bebop as the powerpoint is very flashy and bright, which would be great for an advertisement add.

  4. Garrett Lindgren

    Your presentation looks like you put a lot of work into the aesthetics of the presentation itself but I fear you may need to revise the wording quite a bit. If you have a hard time with that like a lot of other students do, myself included, you can check out the writing center for help. Some instructors will even give you extra credit for getting advice and help on your papers and whatnot. As far as the presentation itself I find that I am not very interested this show and I want to learn more about it.

  5. Trevor Leavell

    Although I do realize what you’re trying to say about the show because I myself watch and absolutely love Cowboy Bebop, you’re presentation suffers a bit from messy presentation and slides, and an unclear thesis. I was able to pick up what you were trying to say, and although what you said was said well, I think you could have expanded upon it further.

  6. Timothy Rosenberg

    You got a lot of information of those slides dude! Which could be good from a presentation standpoint, like if you wrote half of what is on the slides and then the other half is just memorized for accompanying the presentation. You’re language in the powerpoint is a little cryptic, though, and I found myself often confused and needing to go back to read the sentence again clearly.

  7. Tara Lowry

    I’m very confused about this presentation. I think it could definitely benefit from a more organized layout of images and bullet points as opposed to paragraphs. I also would say that you need a clear summary of what the film is, the characters within so I know who you are referencing, and a distinct place where I can find your thesis. At the moment I’m lost.

  8. Stefan Barnwell

    Great choice in animation, Cowboy Bebop is sort of a classic. While the text is a bit wordy, the visual of the PowerPoint seems well thought out with the colors and picture placement.

  9. Tiffany McLaughlin

    I do not watch the show. However, I am told by everyone to watch it and to be honest, this confused me a little bit, but this actually has influenced me even more to watch. It clearly is a show to talk about.

  10. Casey

    I want to watch Cowboy Bebop just to somewhat follow what you have to say. The show surely contains many relevant themes, but I do not follow here. I encourage you to develop a solid thesis, with clear examples to support it. Hopefully I am not missing a link or some slides. Hope your essay goes well!

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