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  1. Jon Booker

    I like you guys went with a simple plotline. It is something that many could relate to in working part time jobs in a college town and is something that has probably happened to everybody once in their life. Also nice that you got to work with the oxbury (sorry i know I spelled that wrong) stand to animate it. Working extensively with watercolor this semester I was a little disappointed with how the backgrounds look. Watercolor allows for layering and to have lights shine through the paper, so it would have been nice if you guys could have layered the colors in the backgrounds a little more, due to how the acrylic paints looked on the figure the backgrounds in the stills you provided look a little dull.

    It seems you guys split up the work very well between the two of you and it seems you guys both worked together pretty well, the little sneak peek of the animation also looked really well. I a looking forward to seeing the finished project. Good work guys and keep up the good work. Was fun having you guys in class.

  2. Daniel Vincent

    I like the way this looks currently. The character designs are neat, and I like the characters themselves, they seem appropriately quirky in a fun way. I’m still a bit curious. From what you say, it’s just a bell, footsteps, music and voice-acting along with the animation. I feel like, particularly on if we see Chayne eat the muffin at the end, a few sound effects there could be quite amusing. Otherwise, I think this is looking pretty good to me!

  3. Garrett Lindgren

    The utilization of the Oxberry stand will definitely help your animation come to life while also aiding in keeping the animation steady and coherent. It is very important to keep 2D animation legible and I think you both have the right idea. I appreciate your attention to detail when it came to the acrylic paints on the transparencies. Multiple coats of paint sure sounds like a pain but the finished product will look so much neater with that extra effort. I agree with Jon on account of the background issue, the inconsistency between color intensity might cause some unintended extreme contrast. I don’t think its entirely a bad thing though, it might add a unique aesthetic for the entire picture. The fact that you utilized cycling was probably essential to your film due to how labor intensive this project looks already, so that was clever.

    I look forward to viewing the final project in class as well which will also lead me to be able to offer more of a critique once I see the full edit. I also appreciate your story line for its minor details; you really took a lot of time in creating the characters and their personal backgrounds that I’m sure will shine through in the final edit

  4. Jeremy Thurlby

    Unfortunately you spent so much time and detail in the characters the backgrounds to me were an afterthought and therefore look out of place in the images shown to us in the presentation.

  5. Joshua Price

    I really out of everything like the character designs. Those stained my eyes for a while, because they were so cool looking. As it does have anime influences, it also comes off as your own. I’ve actually seen you animate , or just draw in the labs, I really like your work. Keep it up!

  6. Alejandra Vargas

    I like how you are trying to implement a variety of characters with their own uniqueness. This tells me you are passionate about changing traditional storytelling. As for the story itself, I like how it’s simple since we focus more on these characters.
    I am also working with traditional hand-drawn art, only I am working with a tablet and using photoshop and its timeline and video layer tool. I highly recommend it!

  7. Trevor Leavell

    I really enjoy that you’re project is simple on the surface, but when looking deeper I felt you guys put more character to characters that don’t do much. Which is a plus, because with these minor details to the characters, the audience is able to make their own connections about their past and personalities. I like how the process is. It seems very organized. (I really enjoyed voicing for you guys btw)

    Only minor critisism is that the locations seem very odd and a bit messy, but I feel it may be intentional. Something about the park location where the girl eats the muffin is a bit unappealing to look at, but that’s it. I love the idea.

  8. Timothy Rosenberg

    I liked the overall look of the animation, it has an almost South Park aesthetic with the different layers. One thing I noticed was that the characters seemed to have a lot more detail than the background, however it makes sense since the characters are the main focus and many new and big-budget animations do similar things with the background not being nearly as detailed. It was a cute little story too, I always appreciate simplicity over convoluted messes of a story (lookin’ at you Chris Nolan). Good job!

  9. Kenneth Christensen

    The opening is catchy. The powerpoint presentation is very good. I like the detailed description that you present at the beginning about the character’s traits. I also like how you give various images from inside and outside of the restaurant as just opposed to showing us the scene from one angle. Capturing each character’s point of view is great and I like that you did that as it brings the characters to life. I also like how you use a transgender and a one armed female character as this pertains to theory when observing and studying cultural trends. The presentation is clear and concise and I enjoyed it very much. Keep going. eight to ten layers of paint is definitely dedication.

  10. Nicholas Price

    Your minimal use of mouth movements definitely fit a more classical anime style, bit it was sometimes a little too minimal in the movements

  11. Stefan Barnwell

    I liked the character design as I am also an anime fan, I agree that the backgrounds aren’t as detailed as the character but since the characters are the focus it is good that you spent more time on them. It sounds like a cute story and I look forward to seeing it.

  12. Dionte Bolling

    I like your presentation. It was simple and I was able to understand it. I like the character design and the backgrounds. I also like how y’all are using the Oxberry Animation Stand to help with the animation. It’s always good to use the schools resources.

  13. Casey

    I am oddly fascinated by the idea of expanding the flipbook assignment into a full animated story. The characters you developed are also interesting, and I look forward to seeing more of this even past this animation class.

  14. Evan Swiech

    Well done here. It’s great that you two divided up the work so well and you really put a lot of thought into it. At first I was confused about whether the story would go anywhere (“Girl goes into a store to buy muffins, guy is confused”) but it made sense after I heard more of your ideas. I also like that you blended sketching and watercolor, which reminds me of the “Arthur” cartoon series. The backgrounds were watercolor.

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