Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines:

Each person/group will have 6 minutes to present their work and 4 minutes for questions/comments.

  • If you are presenting a paper, you should have a power point with illustrations and salient points. You can include clips as long as they are less 1 minute total. Remember, you are not presenting your whole paper, just the basic gist of your argument (6 minutes will be 3-4 pages).
  • If you are presenting an animated project, be prepared to pitch your project. Prepare a powerpoint presentation that outlines characters and plot points. You should have an animatic, that clearly illustrates the concept behind your project (if your project is finished then that is what you should screen.)

Practice your presentation ahead of time so you have the timing down.

To save time, email powerpoints to me by 8am the morning of your presentation and I will have them all set up and ready to go.

Regardless of when you present, Final Projects DUE during our class Final Exam time: Wednesday  May 7th from 12:50-2:50 pm 

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