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  1. Daniel Vincent

    I think the project itself is really cool, but I would’ve liked you guys to go more in depth on how you made it. Also, a closer up look of the device in motion (not stop-motion) would’ve been cool too. It was just a very underwhelming presentation for what looks like a really fascinating project.

  2. Garrett Lindgren

    Your attention to detail with the final product is incredible and the craftsman like construction of the piece is genuine. You both had access to great tools and studio space which you seemed to use to your advantage and it really serves to create a great piece of art. As you mention this piece is reminiscent of earlier forms of animation and cinema production. I was glad to see your piece on display at the exhibit for a class I’m also enrolled in called proto-cinematic production. Actually being able to play with this device in person I found that the functionality of the piece is very intuitive, as you mention. The stop motion at the beginning helped to really set into place how the animation comes to life.

  3. Jon Booker

    Nice job incorporating sculpture into your piece. I would have done the presentation without the welding masks on though. They are very distracting. The piece is nicely crafted and you all took advantage of the materials you had very well done.

  4. Joshua Price

    The moltar masks was a good touch, n props to who ever got that. The idea was cool and effectively presented in order to receive the concept behind it. Simple and to the point and what’s best you can do it yourself.

  5. Tara Lowry

    This is a really great idea for a different take on animation. As for your video, I think I would have liked more information on how you reached your conclusion for the RPMs. Personally, I interacted with this at the Ocular Festival and thought it was extremely cool. My issue is that there was never a break on the gears between the frames to act as black space or provide a constant place for my eyes to stay focused so I could watch the shape tumble as I turned it. Most other devices like this such as zoetropes and thaumatropes provide a specific place for your eye to look as the images flash, so I think that was the one thing I really struggled with when operating your project.

  6. Timothy Rosenberg

    Looks cool, guys. I remember doing something similar while I was in high school, although it was with an entire class and ended up being about ten feet across. I liked the work you guys put into it. I would, however, take away the masks, as this gives it the appearance of some snuff film/cartel execution video.

  7. Trevor Leavell

    Although the concept was interesting, I’m a bit confused on why you guys presented in welding masks. Was very distracting. I also would’ve preferred to see some documentation as well. But still well done

  8. Kenneth Christensen

    Definitely a very interesting piece. I love how the shapes move around at the very beginning as this is an attention getter. The description is good, one thing though, I would place a light directly above you guys because the piece is blocked by shadows making it difficult to see. I like how you did research, but took a chance, not knowing all the technical details. This demonstrates a willingness to explore even though you could be wrong, which is a must for any artist who wants to be successful. I love the design of the piece that you guys put together. It reminds me of the old industry machines that were powered by the spinning corks and wheels and such.

  9. Maggie Batson

    I like that you went a different way than anyone else with the object based animation, it brings something else to the table that we haven’t seen in these projects.

  10. Dennis Hinton

    Pretty dope concept really out the box. I liked how you guys deeply explained what was going on and exactly what you guys was trying to portray.

  11. Stefan Barnwell

    Interesting project, I like that it is different then all the others and kind of thinks outside the box. Combining woodwork, mechanisms, and animation all in one, good job.

  12. Tiffany McLaughlin

    I watched the beginning twice because it was so cool. You guys remind me of daft punk wearing your welding masks. I see why you wore them, but maybe next time take them off while you speak because I was having trouble understanding you at certain parts. Great job, though!

  13. Casey

    The images in the film look beautiful, and the presentation completely went against my expectations as to how some of the animation was pulled off. Nice work, and great, insightful presentation.

  14. Casey

    Please ignore my first comment, which should go to Nik. I imagine I posted incorrectly somewhere else, as well, but that only worries me. Nice masks! I like the physical art price you built, as well as the fantastic movement it creates.

  15. Ashley OBrien

    The welding mask was a little distracting but I enjoy that you implemented sculpture in your presentation. Great use of materials in the presentation.

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