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Each undergraduate student is required to post bi-weekly blog/journal entries of at least 3 paragraphs (when will be based on what group you are assigned to) on the class site. All students in class will be assigned to either Group A or Group B, which will determine when it it your week to post. Graduate student must post weekly, 4-5 paragraphs. The due dates for the blog posts are marked on the syllabus. All posts must be submitted on the appropriate discussion page on the course site Sunday at 5pm. Each time you post, it should include TWO components (reading + media).

1) READING: you must comment on, analyze or offer a balanced critique of the reading for that week found online in the course syllabus. Here, you must demonstrate that you have done the reading and thought about it. You may choose to write on one article or more than one.

2) MEDIA: you must analyze a media artifact(s) based the readings for the week. You may discuss works shown in class or on materials you watched outside of class screenings.

* Posts which do not include both components will not receive full credit.

In addition, students who are member of the group not blogging are required to interact with and comment on the posts of your classmates (especially if it is not your turn to post). Students These comments are to be substantive, engage the the blog post, and be something other than, “Snow White rocks!” or “The Brothers Quay are really weird.” Try for a paragraph. You are also free to comment on the writing if writing problems are getting in the way of your understanding what the writer is trying to say.

5 thoughts on “Blog Postings

  1. Patrick Ostrander

    My first experience of adult animation was The Simpsons when I was about eight or nine. When I saw it, I was impressed by the humor of the show, of which I had never heard of in any animated children’s show. I did not see South Park until a year or two after, and after reading this blog, I can see that it remains a truly brilliant comedy and also a creative animated series. Some of the jokes that we see in programs such as these are funny because of the potential that animation gives them, such as how Kenny dies in nearly every episode of South Park.

  2. Thomas Thomas

    It’s crazy how animation is becoming so evolved, soon it will be hard to recognize cgi as animation. I couldn’t imagine Watching avatar at 4 years , i’m sure i would be convinced the blue aliens where real. so i thought it was nice hearing about your expreince of watching godzilla at 4. I still need to see star wars i’m awful and prolly will die for not knowing a star wars movie reference.

  3. Joseph Spencer

    I thought the same thing. While watching “The Hand” I was thinking that the main character could be a male or a female. It didn’t really matter to me. I could see how this film could possibly be one of the first times that people did not focus on the gender of a main character.

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