Class Schedule

* All Readings must be completed before class on the day they are assigned *

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Class Readings are subject to change
Week 1 – August 25 ­ Introduction
class business and begin discussion about arts practice and arts research

Week 2 – September 1 – What is Art? How do we create, research and write about art?
Readings: Terry Barrett Leo Tolstoy (read at least 2 chapters), Walter Benjamin, Immanuel Kant, & Edward Casey

Week 3 – September 8 – Structuralism/Semiotics/Post­Structuralism
Readings:  Kate McGowan, Ferdinand de Saussure, Claude Lévi­ Strauss, Roland Barthes, Barthes pt.2, Catherine Belsey, & Michel Foucault

Supplemental:  Forest Pyle, Christopher Morris, Derrick Price  and Liz Wells

Week 4 – September 15 – Psychoanalysis
Conference Proposals Due
Readings: Sigmund Freud pt1 & Freud pt2, George Hagman, Jacques lacan, Rob Lapsley, Joan Copjec, & Malcolm Quinn
Supplemental: Michelle Henning & Graeme Sullivan, Sandra Weber and Constance Penley

Week 5 – September 22 – Feminism
Critical Analysis Paper #1 Due
Readings: Laura Mulvey, Susan Hekman, Lana F.Rakow, Mary Anne Doane, & Marta Zarycka
Zhang Zhen

Week 6 – September 29 ­ Post­Feminism
Readings: Tasker and Negra, Angela McRobbie, Kimberly Springer & Kim Toffoletti,
Anna Feigenbaum & Jane Stokes

Week 7 – October 6 ­ Gender and Queer Theory
Archival Assignment Due
Readings: Donald E. Hall, Michel Foucault, Michel Foucault2, Ruth Holliday, Judith Butler, & Alexander Doty
Guide for Writing a Grant Proposal

Week 8 – October 13 – No Class due to Fall Break

Week 9 – October 20 – Gender and Queer Theory
Critical Analysis Paper #2 Due
Readings: Judith Butler, Adam Isiah Green, Judith Halberstam, Zethu Matebeni, Thomas Waugh, & Steven Cohan
Supplemental Reading: Donald Morton, Eve Ng

Week 10 –October 27 – Cultural Studies
Readings: Raymond Williams, Aaron Barlow, David A. Bailey and Stuart Hall, Excerpt Stuart Hall, Grossberg, Nelson, & Treichler, & Benedict Anderson

Week 11 – November 3 – Post Colonial & Race Studies
Readings: Apollo Amoko, Edward Said, Homi K. Bhabha, Henry Giroux, Manthia Diawara& Stam and Spence
Claudia Mitchell and Susan Allnutt

Week 12 – November 10 – Post Modernism
Critical Analysis Paper #3 Due
Douglas Kellner, Linda Hutcheon, Jean­François Lyotard, Jean Baudrillard, bell hooks, & Andy Grundberg
Supplemental Reading:
Steve Edwards

Week 13 – November 17 – Post Modernism
Dick Hebdige, Steven Best and Douglas Kellner, Mark Poster, & Ana M. Lopez

Week 14 – November 24 – The Artist and Research
Conference Paper Due
Mark Johnson, Morwenna Griffiths, Susan Kozel, Siegfried Zielinski, Graeme Sullivan

Week 15 – December 1
Class Presentations of Final Projects

Week 16 – December 8
Class Presentations of Final Projects

Final – Wednesday May 13, 2015, 5-­7:00 pm
Final Revisions Due

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