Course Schedule and Readings

*All readings are subject to change, make sure you double check before doing the reading each week

Week 1 – August 21 Introduction

Screen: Burnt by the Sun (1994), Nikita Mikhailkov (Russian)

Week 2 – August 28 In the Beginning (1908-1919)

Readings: History of Russian Cinema (HRC) Ch. 1, Companion to Eastern European Cinema (CEEC) Ch. 18

Screen: Clips, After Death (1915), Evgenii Bauer (Russia)

Week 3 – September 4 Cinema for the Masses (1919-1929)

Short Essay #1 Due

Readings: HRC Ch.2

Screen: Clips, Cigarette Girl of Moselprom (1924), Igor Ilinsky (Russia)

Week 4 – September 11 The Birth of Soviet Cinema (1919-1929)

Readings: Excerpt from The Russian Cinema Reader, Excerpts from The Film Factory

Screen: Clips, The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West In the Land of the Bolsheviks (1924), Lev Kuleshov (Russian)

Week 5 – September 18 Socialist Realism (1930-1953)

Short Essay #2 Due

Readings: HRC Ch3, Excerpt from Cinema of the Other Europe

Screen: Clips,Circus (1936), Grigori Aleksandr (Russian)

Week 6 – September 25 The Thaw/New Waves (1954-1966)

Readings: HRC Ch. 4, Excerpt from The Cinema of Central Europe

Screen: Clips, Daisies (1966), Vera Chytilova (Czech)

Week 7 – October 2 Stagnation (1967-1982)

Readings: HRC Ch. 5, Excerpt from Kinoglasnost

Screen: Stalker (1979), Andrei Tarkovsky (Russian) or Irony of Fate (1975) Eldar Ryazanov

Week 8 – October 9 Stagnation

Midterm Exam Due

Readings: (CEEC) Ch. 1, Excerpt from World Cinema: Hungary

Screen: Adoption (1975), Marta Meszaros (Hungarian)

Week 9 – October 16 Glasnost (1983-92)

Readings: HRC Ch. 6, Excerpt from Polish Film, Excerpt fromRussian Cinema Reader 2

Screen: Repentance (1984), Tengiz Abuladze (Georgian)

Week 10 – October 23 Glasnost (1983-92)

Short Essay #3 Due

Readings: Excerpt from Emir Kusturica, CEEC Ch. 21

Screen: Time of the Gypsies (1988), Emir Kusturica (Yugoslavian)

Week 11 – October 30 Post Soviet Cinema (1992-2000)

Readings: HRC Ch. 7, CEEC Ch. 25

Screen: Window to Paris (1993), Yuri Mamin (Russian)

Week 12 – November 6 Identity Crisis

Short Essay #4 Due

Readings:Excerpt from Kinoglasnost, Excerpt from East European Cinema

Screen: Sweet Emma, Dear Bobe (1992), Istvan Szabo (Hungarian)

Week 13 – November 13 Contemporary Productions

Readings:Excerpt from Cinema of the Other Europe, Excerpt from The Cinema of Andrzej Wajda

Screen: Katyn (2007), Andrzej Wajda (Polish)

Week 14 – November 20 Contemporary Productions

Readings: Excerpt from Blockbuster History in the New Russia,

Screen: Mongol (2007), Sergei Bodrov (Russian)

Week 15 – Nov 27 NO CLASS – Thanksgiving

Week 16 – December 4 Research Paper Presentations

December 11      8am-9:45      Research Papers Due

Remaining Paper Presentations

(anything received after 8:10am will be considered late)

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