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  1. Casey

    I like that you compare both SpongeBob movies in the context of their political climates. I am curious, though, if you argument could exists outside a clear liberal bias. A liberal bias is not inherently bad, of course, nor is a conservative bias. I simply wonder if your argument could be made from a moderate standpoint. For example, that Sandy does not appear in the first film might not matter in the political center, at least not as much as in the left.

  2. Garrett Lindgren

    Your analysis of gender rolls within both films is interesting to be as the connection to conservative ideology seems sound. You did a really good job picking apart the films to find the right clips to include that really push your points forward. I can tell that you watched the films a few times over in order to accommodate for your impressive presentation. It’s interesting how the gender portrayals differ between the two films and your analysis seems to sum them up concisely. You do seem to give a particular weight to the liberal aspect of the analysis which is not inherently wrong but does make your argument feel one sided.

  3. Jeremy Thurlby

    I appreciate your style of presentation, you gave information, backstory, kept it light. It was easy to listen to in order to take in your argument.

  4. Charles Scott

    The presentation is better than the topic discussed. I find the connection to politics to be a desperate grab at a “serious” topic.

  5. Joshua Price

    I think Spongebob, as we agree from season 1 to 3 is comical gold and is at times looked over because of the medium of the jokes are spoken by a sponge, but I’m glad you appreciate the show this much, and you did a good job relaying it into your presentation.

  6. Joshua Price

    I think Spongebob, as we agree from season 1 to 3 is comical gold and is at times looked over because of the medium of the jokes are spoken by a sponge, but I’m glad you appreciate the show this much, and you did a good job relaying it into your presentation. I heard their trying to to turn it to it’s former glory, and to that I say, I’m ready.

  7. Jon Booker

    I am really happy someone did a paper on Spongebob! The presentation was well crafted and well thought out. I had never thought of the political ideologies on both the films but as you presented them they make perfect sense. Great job. Also like how you used music from the tv show and movies throughout the presentation.

  8. Alejandra Vargas

    I enjoyed your interpretation on how the spongebob movie is linked to political views. In terms of your presentation, you made it very exciting. I also like your bits on how Sandy, the strong female protagonist, has very little screen time.

  9. Kenneth Christensen

    You definitely pick the films apart and use clips to state what you are trying to say. I like how you relate it to both film and politics and describe the cultures in place during those time periods. I definitely love how you compare Squidward to a band geek. I think the Frankendoodle could be elaborated on a bit as it draws the question where is AI headed? This episode was one of my favorite, but came at a time when drones were becoming widely used in warfare. I think that in and of itself is saying that we are creating something that will eventually get out of control and it may take old tactics to get it back under control, if we can.
    The fact that the first movie came out right after George Bush was reelected seems to be hinting at the fact that freedom will ultimately triumph over tyranny as Saddam’s empire had crumbled, just as Plankton’s did at the end of the film. I definitely see the Sandy Cheeks as being a clear conservative message that the hardworking conservative American can do anything. The fact that she is a Karate expert and a good scientist clearly demonstrates a message that conservatism is the way to go. This is further demonstrated by the fact that she is from Texas and holds it near and dear to her. Her toughness and conservatism is shown in an episode there Patrick and Spongebob make fun of Texas and piss her off. The fact that she is smart and is ticked off by two of her friends, one of which is not too bright, the other downright stupid, hints at the notion that liberals are dumb and are the cause of the pissed off, smart conservatives. In the movie it is clear that she is not represented as much and I agree that it demeans her character and does show the conservative roll of gender rolls. So in essence, both the film and movie are indirectly showing the conservative beliefs of the culture during this period.
    The second film is hinting at the liberal belief that we need to work with our so called traditional enemies in order to defeat a greater threat, Iran, U.S. Russia teaming up against ISIS, Boko Haram and such. The second film is clearly more liberal as it gives a much bigger roll to Sandy. I think you presented this very well.

  10. Trevor Leavell

    As growing up on spongebob, and absolutely loving the first movie, it was really surprising to me that Sandy is barely in the movie. Your thesis was pretty well supported too as you point out very efficiently that both movies share the political ideologies of the climate they were released in. This also got me into watching the second film, even though I’ve heard less than stellar talk of it

  11. Timothy Rosenberg

    Good interpretation! I would have never thought about the connection between Spongebob and conservative ideologies, although I would’ve liked a bit more in depth on the dullness and monotony of everyday adult life, which I felt like the show was directly influenced by. While Spongebob is a silly sod, he’s always cheerful even with his dead end job – something that we could all strive towards in our adult life.

  12. Tara Lowry

    This was a wonderfully put together, fun-to-watch, comprehensive presentation that clearly laid out and addressed the points you planned to explore. You made great use of your clips as well. I really have no complaints. I think how you analyzed it was very thorough and effective and you made me actually want to watch the movies despite no previous affection for the show.

  13. Dennis Hinton

    Dude your presentation was amazing. It was to the point that I forgot I was listening about a scholarly objective trying to be accomplished.

  14. Stefan Barnwell

    Your presentation was very interesting. I’ve recognized some of the social commentary in the show but I never really linked it to politics. You bring up some good points. I’d love to hear the other topics you discuss in your paper. Very nice video, I can tell you put a lot of thought and work into it.

  15. Fiona Finnigan

    Your analysis is interesting, but has a very clear liberal bias. You have essentially equated conservatism with anti progress and “idiocy” while equating liberalism with progress and intellectualism. It would also be intersting to compare Spongbob to other older cartoon tropes. For example the “educated idiot” is a common character in many cartoons.

  16. Tiffany McLaughlin

    Your whole presentation flowed throughout and you stuck with your thesis as well as other great points. I think the politics part was really interesting and something I’ve never really thought about or heard before. I really enjoyed this.

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