Garrett Timmy & Connor

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  1. Jon Booker

    Really nice job guys. I enjoyed the animated sections a lot. The whole film reminds me of the earliest films that we viewed in the first or second week of this class. It is a nice homage to the early silent films that utilized stop motion. the tentacles coming out of the page were very horror based and the sound going with the visuals were very powerful. Garrett, the credits reminded me of the stop motion film that I worked on with you two years ago called Red Letter Night, that gave me a feel of nostalgia.
    The only thing in the presentation that was bothersome was the quality. at times it was very good, but then would switch to being very blurry. I am not blaming you guys at all and blame maybe the connection my computer has with my internet. I do agree about the cycling issue you raised in the video. I am excited to see the finished video. great job guys.

  2. Daniel Vincent

    I really enjoyed your rough cut and presentation. I only have one suggestion for the final cut: some music could be helpful for the entire film, not just the ending. I’ll admit, I personally love background scores being used in films thematically, and I feel like you could have it start sorta wacky to emphasize the weird room size and then switch to being eerie when the drawing comes to life. If you don’t wanna do that, it’s still pretty good. Definitely enjoyable.

  3. Jeremy Thurlby

    Nice combination of live action and 2D/3D processes, the lighting could have been improved with the 3d tenacle sections of the film.

  4. Joshua Price

    That was crazy creative. The octopus at a point reminded me of The Grudge. The lighting changes yeah were obvious but the fluidity and thought behind enhanced the execution. There is definitely something to marvel when the tentacles come grasping on a face. Overall yeah I was entertained, mission accomplished.

  5. Alejandra Vargas

    This seems very ambitious using 2D and clay-mation. I have done something similar last semester and it was pretty tough. Looking at the rough cut, it seems you had trouble with lighting, or it may be used as an eerie effect?

  6. Trevor Leavell

    I really enjoyed the animation, and the concept. Even though the stop motion was a bit too choppy, I feel that in the final cut you can edit it to a way that it’s a bit smoother somehow. The end credits were actually done a very interesting way which was more that admirable. Great concept, great effort, great execution. Keep up the good work.

  7. Tara Lowry

    This was a really great concept that I think you executed really well! I enjoyed watching the video and thought the octopus’s tentacles were especially great despite your difficulties maneuvering them. I think I would have just preferred to see the set a little differently dressed to help fit that Alice in Wonderland vibe you were going for. I also think it would have been cool to have Connor be entirely stop-motion as well. When the tentacles grab him, his less fluid movements might have seemed less out of place that way, though I know that would have been even more work having to make sure you go the timing of his movements right with each picture.

  8. Kenneth Christensen

    The video is well done. Its neat how you used a big guy in order to make the room seem smaller. I like how you describe in a bit of detail as to how to make claymation characters stronger. That had to be a bit frustrating with the clay falling over and such. This piece is definitely going somewhere and has great potential. Great teamwork. I would have went into a bit more depth as to what the characters were, from what I saw they looked like claws of a raptor or something. Just a thought.

  9. Kenneth Christensen

    Never mind the last sentence, I was talking while typing. I meant to say perhaps place some suction cups on the legs to give it the feel that it is a real octopus, also put a bit more detail on the octopus at the beginning as it will give it a creepier feel, at least for me.

  10. Maggie Batson

    I agree with some people that it reminds me of some of the early animated films we watched, particularly the lighting sketches. My critique would be maybe to try to keep the lighting more consistent, I know you talked about losing footage and other problems, so I get it.

  11. Stefan Barnwell

    I like the idea of combining three concepts into one. The 2d animation was really smooth. I also learned with my group project that clay is a pain so good job with the tentacles, especially with no armatures.

  12. Tiffany McLaughlin

    You guys have a great presentation. I enjoyed hearing about the process and what you guys had to go through in order to get your project done. I’m not an animator, so it is always enjoyable to hear people who know what they are talking about. The animation itself was awesome. The tentacles looked amazing up against the black paper. Good job.

  13. Casey

    I really like your idea! I cannot wait to see the finished product. From the stills I saw, it looks like the 2d animation starts in 3d space, and that way of transition seems brilliant to me. As I reached this sentence, the film started playing at the end of the video, and I am far too lazy to delete my first sentence. I enjoyed the shot of the tentacles latching onto the man’s head quite a bit!

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