Class Assignments

Class Presentations – 15% ­ you will each have to give two presentations on class readings. These presentations should summarize and contextualize the readings for that week. Presentations should be about 15 minutes in length. Your presentations should be accompanied by visual examples which help to illustrate a practical application of the readings (you are encouraged to try to use visual examples
other than those mentioned in the readings).
Website Postings – 15% ­ each week you must post comments and/or questions on at least two of the readings, links for posting can be found on the class schedule. I also want you to write a paragraph or two discussing the applicability of the readings to your research/artistic practice. Your questions/comments MUST be posted by 1 pm on Tuesdays before each class.

Participation – 10% ­ you are required to come prepared to class and to speak regularly. One of the best ways to process difficult concepts and material is to talk about it and to listen to what others have to say.

Archival Assignment – 5% ­ You will be required to do research in an archive, SIUC has an excellent one. You will have to write a 1 to ­2 page synopsis of what you found and how you might use it if you were to create a piece of art.

Critical Analysis Papers – 30% You must write THREE 6 to ­8 page papers. For each paper you will take a particular theoretical approach to a film, filmmaker, media maker, multimedia project, photograph/series or photographer. Over the course of the three papers you will write about the same subject from three different theoretical perspectives. Each paper should interact with the readings from class. Additionally, you are required to cite at least two other works (not covered in class) on the different theoretical approaches. Your papers must be properly cited using the Chicago Manual of Style or the MLA Handbook.

Conference Proposal – 5% You will each have to find a conference that fits into your field of study/art (preferably it could be something to which you could actually apply, though this is not necessary.) You will turn in the call for papers along with your written proposal.

Conference Paper and Presentation – 15% You will write a 7 to 10 page paper on the topic of your proposal, using at least one theory discussed in class. These papers will be presented in class as part of our final.

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