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  1. Jon Booker

    The only thing I would say bad about the presentation is the quality of the video. The video angle is too far from the screen and it is very hard to see the slides and the visuals. Voice quality was good, even for you being sick you did a really great job with projecting your voice. Like I said if you had just zoomed in so we could read the slides and see the visuals it would have worked out a little better. I like the idea you have for your film and hope to see it on Friday!

  2. Daniel Vincent

    I really like your premise, it seems like it’ll be a lot of fun. I kinda wanted to see more particulars, such as character design or plans for sound editing, but besides that, it looks like you did your job rather thoroughly, and I too am looking forward to seeing your final project on Friday.

  3. Garrett Lindgren

    Its interesting to see the planning stages of your project and the thought you have put into the production of the 2D animation like the black and white aspect and the use of Acme products with the Oxberry stand. I also used the Oxberry stand with DragonFrame for my final project and it made my life a lot easier. I would like to have seen a little more of your process of creation production timeline. You story board looked well meditated and appears like it will help you keep a larger idea of the project in mind. I like how you pulled inspiration from content that we saw in class as well.

  4. Jeremy Thurlby

    Stop apologizing….Nothing worse than a presenter saying they are sorry. Looks like a very labor intensive process, look forward to seeing the end result.

  5. Joshua Price

    The story board seems cool, as well as the concept. Also the stuff animators go through to get a final project, yeesh, and editors complain. That is some extensive such and such right there.

  6. Trevor Leavell

    Drawing stuff frame by frame seems really difficult and tedious, so kudos to you for doing that. I really admired how you presented your process of your work with all the story boards and influences of the project and I’m really interested in seeing your final product.

  7. Timothy Rosenberg

    I liked the process you went through, seems like it took some time and thought to put into. One thing I’m sure has been mentioned is the quality of the video, which I totally understand, but it could’ve been filmed horizontally to avoid the black side bars, right? If not, it works fine but for the future I would pay attention how you’re recording it. Good job man 😀

  8. Kenneth Christensen

    No need to apologize. I definitely like how describe that everything is hand drawn as this is very important to know. The only thing that was a bit distracting was the shaking of the video, perhaps use a tripod the next time you shoot a powerpoint from a computer. When showing something on a video, I would recommend letting us get a view of the whole computer screen and then zoom in on the areas that you want to describe more clearly. Tell the title of your work at the beginning of the presentation so that we know what you are talking about from the get go. Also, practice the shots before giving the presentation as this will help you determine what it will look like on screen beforehand. Your storyboard is definitely well thought out and I would run with that. The knowledge in the presentation is very clear and to the point, I think you present yourself very well, especially being sick. Its great to see that you are taking inspiration from things that you like as this makes the piece more interesting for you and will ultimately reflect you as an artist. Definitely is heading toward becoming an adult animation cartoon if you continue running with it. Good luck.

  9. Kenneth Christensen

    Also, make sure to sit down and come up with original concepts as opposed to borrowing others. While borrowing is good at times, I would expand on things that are already known to you. Sit down, think of new ideas, (few will be absolutely original) but you will be able to come up with new things that will inspire you and those around you.

  10. Tara Lowry

    I think this is a great and simple idea for an animation, and I hope everything went well with drawing everything out. I know I was having quite a time drawing all my characters repeatedly. I think personally I would at least think of adding an instrumental underneath to help add to whatever tone you might be going for. A light-hearted song might make the viewer interpret it as a more humorous situation whereas it might normally be interpreted as a little sad for the sweet tea stand and maybe very shocking. Then again maybe you’d like to leave it ambiguous, in which case you’re probably right to leave it silent. I appreciate how thoroughly you explained your process!

  11. Maggie Batson

    I do agree that your video could have had better quality, but I realize that it doesn’t really matter. I appreciate that you showed some storyboards to help us see your process.

  12. Tiffany McLaughlin

    I was a bit lost at times with what you were trying to say. But I liked seeing all the tools you used and the process with the story boards. You seem like you know what you are doing. I suggest using a different camera next time. Or maybe just making an actual video of your visuals.

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