CP470 VGT SU14 Class Assignments

This is a class on Video Game Theory, which means that in addition to reading about video games you should also be playing them. There are no requirements about what format you should play them in  or what games you should play (other than perhaps branch out and play games outside your comfort zone.)

Class Assignments:

Online Discussion /ParticipationStudents will be required to regularly comment on our class blog (located on the course readings page in the Module links). This will be where we informally discuss readings and games played as part of the class. This will also be the place where students can ask questions and share their knowledge of video games, history, literature, culture and art. You will need to post at least twice per Module (minimum of 4 times per week, there is no limit). These are not random posts, but part of an ongoing discussion. Students who do not regularly post will loose points (these CANNOT be made up). Your posts should be unique, well thought out and original.

Video Game Diary — Students will be asked to keep a daily/weekly diary of their game playing during the course. Write about what games you are playing/have played. How long you played? When, what time of day you played? What mood were you in when you started playing and when you finished?

Short Assignments—You will have a variety of short assignments designed to get you thinking and writing about video games critically.

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

Short Quizzes You will have periodic short quizzes based on the reading. These quizzes will be timed and must be completed on the date assigned. You will each have to prepare a quiz that your fellow students will have to take.

Final Project and Paper—You must choose one: 1)You will be tasked with designing a video game utilizing one or more of the theories we have covered in class. You must write a detailed proposal outlining what type of game this will be, how will theory be integrated into game design/game play, and an explanation of how you think your game will revolutionize the video game industry. You must include mock-ups, descriptions of the game world, characters, schema, narrative and anything else necessary for understanding your game. 2) You can choose one game to play through its entirety (must be something you have not played before) and write theoretical analysis of the game. You will need to develop a research question, do additional research, and conduct an in depth analysis the text you have and theoretical perspective you have chosen. [Total pages to be submitted 10+ for Undergrads, 15+ for Grads]

Final Project Presentation—As part of your final project, you will prepare a presentation (the format, ie. video, prezzi, ppt, etc…, is up to you) on your final project.



Discussion/Participation 25%
Video Game Diary 10%
Short Assignments 15%
Quizzes 10%
Class Presentation 15%
Final Project 25%
Total 100%


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