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    I have been constantly trying to make a successful account in the game Skryim since break has started back. When I say successful I mean not coping out and starting a new account like I always do when things get too hard. It is kind of a nerdy game and gets very strategic but my cousin and some of my friends have leveled up so high they can pretty much kill anything with one hit. Skyrim is an open world first and third-person rpg (role playing game).You chose your race and set out as Dragonborn (One who can speak the language of dragons) to see why they are coming back. Skyrim is the type of game that you have to “grind” out though which means play countless hours to level up because until you do that and beat the initial story mode the real action doesn’t take place. I have so far made a wood elf which are great at arching and stealth and a Redgaurd who are pretty much natural or killers but can’t get as far as I want because I am never sure about if I want to stick to a certain class.

  2. Parrish Colbert

    6/29 I have been playing Skyrim a lot lately but have managed to get to level 27 which is no easy task. The more you level up the harder it is to level up and depending on the quests it might take you longer. I recently saved a vampire from her father (who is also the lord of all vampires) because her blood was the key to the blacking out the sun. I am a dawnbreaker now also which means you are sworn to kill vampires but I turned into one to enter a portal to kill a dragon protecting the vampires castle in another dimension.
    I have learned a lot of dragon words and got the chance to reset all of my perks from my tree with this dragonborn dlc I just got.

  3. Parrish Colbert

    7/13 I have played as a vampire long enough and turned back to an ordinary wood elf by filling a black soul gem and meeting with this wizard to undo the curse of the vampire. I have also attained a mask making my destruction spells and magicka cost 50% less with 30 points going towards my armor so I have been keeping that on. As a wood elf I am automatically good at archery and sneaking so I continue to increase those perks and using them making it a lot easier for me to get around.

  4. Parrish Colbert

    I have beat Skyrim for the most part and fulfilled the quests of the Dragonborn. Though I had to stop and play Far Cry 3 for my final, I have learned a ton of spells and potions to help me not have to run away as much as I did if foe was too large or powerful. Me even learning these potions and recipes have leveled me up more in the Alchemy skill tree so they are now more powerful and effective than before. I did not stay as a normal would elf for too much longer before turning back into a vampire and still am not sure why I did it but have successfully taking out the entire vampire cult so I and the kings daughter are pretty much the last vampires of Skyrim which is kind of cool. I got the castle that the elder vampires resided in to myself and still completed the Dawngaurd which was to be rid of all vampires

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