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    Over the course of this week there was only one game I played occasionally, and that was a fighting game named Skullgirls. Whenever I play my games these days it is usually out of boredom and lack of anything else to do. But the last time I played it, something began to stand out to me more than it had previously, and that was the artwork in the background. There are actually certain characters in the background that are actually part of the fighting roster and the ones that aren’t actually have some rather interesting design. After doing some research by looking up interviews from the developers, I noticed that some of the people in the background were rejected concepts ideas. Ultimately playing the game led to me feeling very depressed because I would have much rather have been playing or doing something else but was rather limited on my options unfortunately.

  2. Jaylin Johnson

    This week I didn’t actually play any games as I did not have my laptop with me which is usually how I play games at all. However I spent some time playing uno through my phone. While playing uno I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated, as I tend to become extremely competitive whenever I play this game for some reason. I suppose the things that stands out the most are the reactions that even simple games like this can evoke in people emotionally.

  3. Jaylin Johnson

    This week has been interesting as I went to the arcade recently and even at home, I’ve spent most of my time playing retro video games. Most of them were with friends too. I’ve played many games from contra, to mortal kombat, to mega man. While playing through some of these games, I began to notice certain aesthetics that I never payed attention to before. Some of the details in the backgrounds are actually quite impressive for the time these games came out, and they have a particular color scheme used to match their character sprites and animations. For instance in Mega Man 7 I remember thinking at first that the main sprite was a little to big, but the more I played the more I began to realize that the rest of the game’s environment is of a similar size which works to accommodate the character. Emotional these games have left me feeling rather drained, as while they are very fun games in their own right, they begin to feel like more of the same after a while and while they are short they become rather tiresome after extended playthroughs.

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