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    I have been traveling a lot this summer, I apologize for not having written in my VGD yet! I have been playing several games on my iPhone lately and a few here and there of video games.

    The most recent game I have decided to play is a game I haven’t played in several years. I played the video game Little Big Planet with my friends. This game is basically a obstacle course to get objects and rewards to advance to the next spot on the globe. Each continent that you travel to has a different lay out and a different deadly obstacle. The little puppets that you use to fight with can either be single player or multiplayer, trying to work as a team through the obstacle course.

    I chose to play this game because I remember really enjoying it when I was first introduced to it in the dorms. I wanted to revisit how fun it was. I enjoy this game because it is a great game to play with friends and laugh about. It’s pretty silly and goofy because of the courses and the avatars themselves are cute little puppets who make funny faces and noises. It is easy to play because it’s a good environment the characters are in. Even though you can fall off the map and die or get run over by falling rocks, it is not a hostile environment. There is no battles or anything, just fun obstacles.

    My friends and I began playing around 4:30 on Monday and played for about 3 hours before moving on to playing UNO (a crowd favorite among my friends). I was in a good and excited mood going into the game because I was enjoying time with my friends already and I knew I would enjoy playing Little Big Planet because I have in the past.

    The main aspects that stood out to me in the game that I had not noticed before was mainly the amount of obstacles in each corse. I did not notice that things to the side of the screen that seemed unimportant could change depending on how you handled the current task at hand. Everything had a chain reaction. Overall, I had a fun time working my way through the puzzled obstacle courses.

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