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  1. Alex Wilson

    Since the beginning of this class I have only had about 2 free periods of time in which I had the to opportunity to play any video games considering I’m taking 11 credit hours and working full time from 3-11pm (my favorite time period to play). I wouldn’t say that I have been craving playing any of my games, but I do miss it as it is something that I really enjoy. My primary game currently (and only game I have played thus far) is Battlefield 4 for my PS4 (not sure if console makes a difference here). When I got on, I felt like trying something different than the usual Rush mode I always play. I found a game type called “Defuse” which is exactly like “Search and Destroy” on the Call of Duty games, which was always my favorite game type on the 5 or so Call of Duty’s I have owned. Needless to say I became incredibly excited upon finding this and it brought Battlefield into a whole new light for me. As soon as I started it was exactly like the old times. Not to sound conceited, but I was leading the score board every game again, winning in 3 on 1 situations, and pulling through in the clutch situations (my two sessions are starting to blur together now, but they were more or less the same in terms of how I felt). In this game type, once you die you are done for the round, which is over when the rest of your team dies, you kill the rest of the other team, or you plant the bomb and destroy the target, or defuse the bomb that has been panted (depending if you are on offense or defense). I have always been good at predicting the opposing teams movements and thinking a step ahead, making this the perfect game type for me. I remember the first situation playing on Battlefield where it was down to myself vs 3 people on the enemy team. My heart rate picked up, and I swear my senses, instincts, and reflexes increase as the adrenaline is pumping. I loved the feeling of the game (or round) being on my shoulders again as the round time was running down as was my time to pull this off. To make a long story short, I pulled it off and took out the rest of the enemy team, and when it went to the end of the round game lobby I was (and wasn’t) disappointed. On Call of Duty I feel as if a lot more people wear headsets, like 4 or 5 times more than on Battlefield. So, at the end of a round where you really pulled through you hear the cheers or screaming of the team as you just pulled off what no one though you could. On Battlefield, I exited the round only to silence, but the win was gratifying none the less. Needless to say, as you can tell by my rambling, finding this game type revived something in me that had been non-existant since obtaining my new platform some 7 months ago. I would say I felt really alive (during the story I just told in particular) and only quit playing because I ran out of time. Now I am craving playing, as I would like to live more moments such as that, yet sadly I don’t have time time.

  2. Alex Wilson

    This week I only had one day in which I had time to play. I was home alone and got bored so I decided to fire up the PS4 and play Defuse on Battlefield again. I started off just playing because I was bored and wasn’t really all that into it, but midway through game 1 I was fully invested and pulled a chair closer to the TV so I could see a little better and react faster to the screen. I played for maybe an hour and a half before I ran out of time and had to get off. At the time I had to get off I wanted to keep playing, and wasn’t bored anymore, and felt better (overall) than I had when I started (even though I had an off day and didn’t do so hot).

  3. Cr0uch_P0tat0e

    I was without internet for nearly 6 days this past week, so I strayed from the usual to get my gaming fix. I started off playing a newer game I had downloaded but not played yet called “Stick it to the Man” on my PS4. I started playing it mostly because I wanted to play some sort of game, but also partly because I was bored. It turned out to be a fairly decent game, however I think that it didn’t download correctly because it seems like there are some audio pieces that are missing. I’m not sure, but it feels like there is supposed to be audio in certain parts where there is not, and it would make the game feel more whole and make more sense if it was placed. I played for about 2 hours before I ran out of time, and was feeling pretty good and looking forward to playing more by the time I had quit.

    A couple days after I had a friend over and we played Crash Team Racing for about 2 or 3 hours, trying to beat every Cup Race on the hardest level. We started playing just for fun, but also with the intensions of unlocking new levels. This game is very infuriating while playing on hard, because the AI’s you are racing against have super speed and acceleration that they shouldn’t have. This means that unless you play flawlessly and work as a team, you’re probably not going to win. We ended up beating 3 of the 4 cups, but eventually quit because of how ridiculous the computers abilities were that we were racing. We still had fun, but at the same time I was mildly infuriated at the difficulty.

    I finally got internet back and was able to play my usual Battlefield 4 last night, and I played for about ~4 hours, maybe longer. I was doing fairly well, and about 1 1/2hrs in I received a message from one of the people I was playing with. He invited me to his “clan”, which I accepted the invitation simply because I don’t have anyone to play with on a regular basis, and it’s more fun playing with people you can talk to. I ended up getting out my head set which I hadn’t used in a while, and played with a group of 4 people for about another hour before I had to get offline. Partly influencing my decision was that the people I was playing with were fairly decent at the game as well, and I knew if I played with this group we stood a good chance of winning most of the games we played. They ended up being pretty cool guys, so I’m looking forward to playing even more now that I have a good group to play with.

    I’m heading to Mexico tomorrow, so I probably wont play any games for the next week,

  4. Cr0uch_P0tat0e

    About another week had passed before I played any more games. On my way from Mexico I rediscovered that my cousin had given me the full download to the game “Peggle”, and played it for about an hour while on the plane. It was a fairly mindless game that didn’t really take any skill. It reminds me of Plinko from The Price is Right, you get 10 balls to shoot (there are ways to get extra shots), it bounces down pegs, and every peg you hit disappears before you shoot your next ball. The point is to hit every peg of a certain color, but after you aim the initial shot the ball ricochets everywhere and it seems pretty random as to where it actually goes. It was pretty monotonous to play, similar to a Candy Crush or Bejeweled game, but entertaining enough for a short amount of time.

    Now that I’m back home I’ve had one chance to play Battlefield again. Several members of the clan I previously joined were on, however none of them seemed to be playing together and their game types varied greatly, which isn’t typical of groups I’ve been in in the past. I ended up just playing by myself online like usual, and it was fulfilling as usual. Once again the only reason I quit was because I ran out of time, but I was feeling pretty good when I got off.

  5. Cr0uch_P0tat0e

    This past week I played 2 different games, Crash Team Racing and Bioshock Infinite. I was playing CTR with the same friend who I had played with in a previous week, with the intentions of beating the game. I was excited to play and finally try to beat it after the defeat that was faced in the previous week playing, and anxious to see if it was going to be ridiculously hard or not. Seeings how on the “Story” mode you can only have 1 played, we switched every race, and ended up beating it on the first try. I was excited that we had beat it, yet at the same time it seemed a lot easier than I was expecting compared to the last time when were were beating all of the cup races on hard. We played a little more to unlock on all of the characters and maps. I was happy when we stopped playing, yet not overjoyed because it wasn’t as hard as expected.

    I think I have made it through the first half of Bioshock maybe, and it’s very interesting and I’m not entirely sure what’s going on…I get the main idea but not why everything is happening. I’m not going to explain everything thus far because it’s entirely too much, but I understand in the most basic way my main objective and why I doing what I’m doing, however there must be a much deeper explanation as to everything that’s going on that wont be revealed until later. All I know is my goal is to get the girl (Elizabeth), and take her to New York to pay of a debt I (Booker) owes. Theres a man named Comstock who apparently knows the future or parts of it, and there are other elements that hint some characters may be able to time travel or that the also know what is going to happen throughout the story. All in all I’m enjoying the game so far, but feel left in the dark as to the story line. The gameplay is very good, and how the story is coming across so far is good, but there is just more that I have to find out.

  6. Cr0uch_P0tat0e

    From the past week up until now I have been playing Bioshock 1 and Bioshock Infinite. I played Infinite first, and as I said in the above post I felt pretty much in the dark until the end of the game when the whole story was revealed, which blew my mind. (SPOILERS) Time/Space travel through time rips was already a thing in the game, but you find out at the end that there is an infinite amount of times & places, with infinite amounts of yourself/the other characters, which explains a lot of what happens earlier on in the game, which I wont go in to. Not only was the gameplay fun on this game, but the ending story is one of the best that I have experienced while playing a game. I felt pretty confused throughout playing, but I was always excited to get on and see what happened at the end. Needless to say I am happy with the ending.

    Bioshock 1 is a little bit different in the games style, in that it’s more creepy and has people appear/jump out at you more often. Other than that, I feel the two game styles are relatively the same. It’s storyline is good, and (SPOILERS) it turns out that Bioshock 1 is basically an alternate universe of Bioshock Infinite, or vice versa. I played straight through this game without taking a whole lot of extra time to explore or do the small things, so I didn’t get to enjoy it quite as much as I did infinite, but it’s a game I”m going to revisit because there is an alternate ending depending on the choices you make in the game, and I’d like to see what it is. The gameplay mechanics are a little more jerky in this version, but that’s to be expects as it’s a much older game. Overall I’m very happy with these two games and am quite glad that I played them.

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