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    Dear Diary,
    It’s the 13th day of June. The last couple of days have been pretty sweet. I’m required to play video games now as part of my homework. Lately I’ve been playing my girlfriends SNES in lieu of the Xbox. Though the graphics and narrative of these games are a little basic for what I’m used to, it is still a bonding experience for my girlfriend and me. The last few days we’ve played either Donkey Kong, or Gradius 3. We usually play after I get off work as it is a quick way for me to forget about my day. The games we’ve been playing are more or less obstacle course based, jumping and maneuvering around things that can kill you. I remember playing a lot of these games when I was younger but I keeping up with the evolving game evolution, I have not played these games in many years. The 2-player experience is a very enjoyable, and not a multiplayer experience I’m used to. I’ve noticed these games are very thrilling, when you are on a roll it is very empowering, but on the flip side, when you die constantly the thrill has vanished and utter blood curdling brain hemorrhaging frustration fills the void. But the chase to victory constantly fuels the player to restart.

  2. Stefan Grimsley

    Dear Diary.
    I purchased a new game today. I’m pretty excited though the installing process is keeping the suspense at painfully high level. Recently I have been playing a lot of Battlefield. The multiplayer is what drives me to play it, I feel a constant need to get on there and “test myself” if you will. Some days I feel satisfied as I triumph other days disappointed as I get killed. There is definitely some kind of a different want that I feel when I choose to play that game in comparison to other games. Though I look forward and often times spend large chunks of my workday thinking about different games based on the mood I have been lately. Today being the exception, as I will be thinking about my new game all day and looking forward to getting to actually sink my teeth into it.

  3. Stefan Grimsley

    Dear Diary,
    I recently got my hands on Zelda, A Link to The Past. A game I played back when I was a young child. It’s one of the first games I remember playing. I was never any good it at that age, but now I feel a strong sense of nostalgia when I turn it on followed shortly by waves of frustration and accomplishment. While I was playing I would reflect on the textbook when it talked about “level mastery”. As many times through out the level you get sent back to the beginning, forcing the player to replay completed sections at a time. Until eventually the level is complete. I’m about half way through the story line. I feel I may consider this story line for the final project

  4. Stefan Grimsley

    Dear Diary,
    As of lately my game play as consisted of the Wii my girlfriend recently acquired. Our games were mainly multiplayer mini golf games or bowling. The last few days we have been using this play style as a bonding time for my girlfriend and myself. I rented a game called Rampage, which consisted of each of us selecting a monster and bunching the crap out of buildings. It was fun teaming up with my girlfriend but it wasn’t long before we turned on each other and began punching the crap out of each other (on the game of course, not in real life.) We also tried Tiger Woods PGA 08’. It was fun but we gave up, as it was not as easy as or as enjoyable as the mini golf. We finished playing and though we stopped after the game lost its entertainment value and returned to watching some movies to finish off the night.

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