CP470 VGT SU14 Week5M1

What is your favorite game to play? What kind of genre is it? Are there any genres that you have not played? Try one and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Austin Bennett

    This is such an elementary school level question, I love it :]

    The genre I like most is the stealth action genre. It’s typically referred to as a subgenre of the shooter, but I like it because it can be both first person and third person. It’s not a very common style of game in the mainstream, probably a little more so since the prevail of the Assassin’s Creed game, but before then it’s two most common members were the Metal Gear and Splinter Cell Series. I haven’t played either of their entire repertoire, but from the platforms I’ve been able to play on they were incredibly addicting. Instead of having a varying degree of weapons from which to lay waste to your enemies, stealth games (at least the two i mentioned) offer much more intricacies in the takedown of opponents. Not only is the only option to kill, but also to stun, choke, etc. Each enemy knows something different, and it’s a learning experience; you’re thrust into a world that you have no experience with, only the tools to tackle. It just feels so complex and offers much more freedom in how you approach certain abstacles, rather than essentially just reloading and shooting more.

    Out of the two I think i’ve become more of a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series. The creator, Hideo Kojima, is basically a film director who makes games (hence his directing title card at the end of the opening credit sequence), and I enjoy seeing an essentially animated war movie with a very anime-styled mentality and idiosyncrasies in it’s characters. It’s not just a straightforward war game like Splinter Cell; there’s elements of the supernatural and sci-fi.

    One game genre I’ve never played was the puzzle crashers genre, similar to the original pokemon game on the N64 and the newfangled Candy Crush app. It never looked appealing to me, and after playing CC to see what it was all about I just kind of said, “eh” after a few levels and deleted it. I think there are better ways to waste my time…!

    1. Ryan Freels

      While I can appreciate the aesthetic of them, I agree. In terms of game play I like to be able to explore places and character. I like puzzles to, but even more when they occur within the construct of a creative world. This for me can be simply a fun creative triumph, like in Banjo and Kazooie, or something that represents the characters mental and moral struggles, as in Braid. (Story wise, that is my favorite game.)

    2. Aaron Miller

      I completely agree with the Candy Crush comment. Those type of games just feel so unfulfilling. I do not understand how people play them for hours on end and not lose their mind. I recently tried those kind of puzzle games as well and I just felt awful after I played for awhile because they are so repetitive and monotonous. I can understand the mass appeal do to the mindlessness of the whole thing, but for me it just felt awful.

    3. Parrish Colbert

      Most of my friends also enjoy playing stealth games I personally don’t have the patience to play them. Never the less the number of people I know that play stealth is more than a handful so I can see that evolving out of a sub genre. As you mentioned before Metal Gear is definitely a game based solely off stealth but in the new one they are about to release you are given a little more freedom in how you can go about completing tasks and taking out enemies. They have also transformed it into an open world game which is personally my favorite format of gaming.

  2. Marta Parrillo

    My favorite game to play would have to be Nazi Zombies which is featured in Call of Duty: World at War or just regular Zombies which is featured on Call of Duty: Black Ops. Both the Nazi Zombies version and Zombies version are relatively similar. This genre is simply an action pact war game. But with Zombies, it adds a slightly different fictional storyline of a Zombie Apocalypse. It takes the idea of being in a war zone and adds some fun horror to it.

    Although I thoroughly enjoy Zombie mode on the Call of Duty games, I have not ever actually played Call of Duty on its own. With the Zombie mode you are basically just in defense mode trying to kill any Zombies that are attacking your fortress. Even though it is ultimately the same concept, I haven’t played actual Call of Duty. To me Call of Duty seems a little more intense and I don’t tend to play well under rapid fire. The Zombies are a bit easier to fight because they usually do not have weapons. So I guess, technically I have never actually played any games in the genre of a war battle.

    So I tried playing the Call of Duty: World at War with out the Nazi Zombies mode. I found it a lot more difficult because the enemies concealed themselves much better than the zombies do. The zombies typically come from every direction but do not attempt to hide their positions. I found it much more complicated trying to kill someone who I couldn’t see while attempting to keep my position unknown to the enemy. I can understand the appeal to these war games, but I got very overwhelmed and was unable to operate under the intensity of the game. I’ll stick to much simpler games from now on.

  3. Garretkay Willis Bonner

    The genre that I think I enjoy the most enjoy would be the action-adventure genre mainly because since it is a genre that can have elements from other genre’s incorporated with it, such as either stealth, strategy or shooting. With that being said it is somewhat hard to actually say what is truly my favorite game, however one that I so far have most enjoyed is Destroy All Humans.The only real genre that I have not fully tried is Role-playing although I have tried to play a game of World of Warcraft and thought that it was amusing. Although I may not have gotten into it because that entire genre personally seems too complex.

  4. Ryan Freels

    There is a couple ways this answer could go, being there are quite a few that could make that title for different reasons, so I will go with what I can currently get the most enjoyment out of. Mario Kart 8 is concentrated fun in a disc. I as a typical rule hate racing games and prefer one player games, but this is an extreme exception. I enjoy the colorfully tracks, which are always a treat just to see. I also enjoy the fun of customizing my racer, being I am a sucker for that sort of thing, allowing me to play with these characters I am familiar with but get creative with how I use them. Mainly, it is the fun competitive energy with racing and attacks, whether I am with family or online, is extremely enjoyable. Perhaps why this is so high is because I typically dislike these games, so when one does come along that I like, it makes more of a significant impact.

    I thought I had played all types of games at least a little. I realized I never had played a dating sim…and never want to again. I tried Pico Sim Date 2 on newgrounds.The sense of humor it took itself with was funny…when it wasn’t sexist or offensive in some other way. The entire object of the games is to get four girls that hate you to date you, and save the damsel-in-distress by accomplishing this…so you are using girls which are places as obstacle…to get rewarded with a girl…In other words gender representation here is not good, being it turns using women into an act of heroism, a heroism that is itself objectifying. I do not really wish to play more dating sims.

  5. Chelsea Spence

    My favorite game would have to be The Sims 3, though it isn’t in my favorite genre of games. I think I like the Sims games so much because they give the gamer a chance to create their own story with their own characters that they’ve created. It would definitely be classified under the simulation genre.

    As for other genres, I like adventure games, point and click games, indie games, and so on. To really hook me in, the game either has to be innovative and creative with keeping me entertained, usually with a multiplayer element (Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Smash, Little Big Planet) or have a good story (Final Fantasy, Samorost (online), Bioshock, Kingdom Hearts, Beyond Two Souls).

    Until Bioshock, I had never played horror style games, because I have a hard time even watching scary movies without holding a pillow over my face when the movie gets intense. While I do get scared and scream and flail my weapons around shooting randomly, I still have fun with the game, because the story is so well done and the environment I am in is so interesting and intriguing.

    I do not plan on playing Outlast anytime soon, though. As my boyfriend said, it’s so scary because while in games like Bioshock and Dead Space, you have a weapon to defend yourself; in Outlast, you can only run away.

  6. Aaron Miller

    My favorite game to play would have to be League of Legends. It is a multiplayer combat game. I would not call it an MMORPG because you really do not have the interactivity or customization that the best MMORPGs have. I also wouldn’t call it a first person shooter because you are not taking the perspective of your character. It would be best described as a multiplayer strategy game. I in order to win a team has to work together well to outplay the opposing team which takes a lot of strategy.

    I can’t think of any genres I have yet to try. I’ve played platform games when I was a child and lived on the SNES. I have played strategy games and puzzle games. I’ve played first person shooters (even though I kind of despise them). I have tried my hand at MMORPG’s. I’ve played plenty of action adventure games. I’ve played life simulators with The Sims. I’m not really familiar with many more genres, I’m sure there are more but I’m just not knowledgeable enough to know.

    I mean I tried playing online flash games for the first time a couple of weeks ago to try something new and I hated how much of a time waste they felt. They were so repetitive and monotonous, yet I wasted a couple hours playing them. I hated that feeling.

  7. Natalie Masucci

    Personally, my favorite game to play is Minecraft because I get to release my creativity. I enjoy games like that and like sims, so I guess one can say I enjoy simulation games the most! I also play games like halo and battlefield so I do enjoy shooter/action games, just not as much as simulation games.

    I would personally like to get into more beta released games because I personally think it is awesome to see a game getting developed! I tried Catlateral damage ( Highly recommend it to any cat lovers out there) and I loved it ! I played it in it’s beta form so not all the kinks were worked out, but I also got to see more first hand how much work goes into creating these games!

    1. Parrish Colbert

      My brother is addicted to Minecraft for the same reasons you enjoy playing it. I wish I could get into it as much as he is but i don’t really understand games like that because there is no initial start or finish to it.

  8. Ashley Cradeur

    There are two genres of video games that I have actually played a variety of, which are racing games and puzzle/ maze games. The racing games I have most frequently played are Mario Kart, Sonic, Need for Speed and Fast and Furious. The puzzle/ maze games I have played are Tetris and Pac Man. I play these games often now because they are so accessible via cell phone or computer. I like playing these games because they are simplistic and entertaining. All Racing games and puzzle/maze games generally have the same goal, to finish as fast as you can. Since I’ve started this class I have been trying to play many different types of games however the genre I have enjoyed playing the most are third-person shooter games, which I have never played before this summer. Grand Theft Auto 4, Portal, Watch Dogs and The Last of Us have been my favorite.
    I would say third person shooter games are my favorite genre to play even though I am absolutely terrible right now (I am really having trouble mastering the different controls for the camera and body movement haha). Consequently I have decide to play the third-person shooter game The Last of Us all the way through for our final project. I have been playing this game for the past two weeks and it has quickly become my favorite game for many reasons. First off the story for this game is awesome! With in the first five minutes of playing it I was hooked and genuinely became invested in the characters. The graphics for this game are also incredible because they are real enough to become attached to the characters but don’t cross over the line of being too real that it is uncomfortable for the players to connect with. But the main reason I truly enjoy this game is because it is linear so I am being challenged differently through out the levels and don’t have the option to opt out and play something different. In GTA4, for example you have the option to do a mission or just wander around and beat up people or steal cars. This is fun but it didn’t challenge me enough which is why I only play it when I’m in the mood. With the Last of Us, I want to keep playing because I want to know what happens in the story. There are many different genres of games I want to play but right now I am really enjoying third person shooter games that have a strong and captivating story.

  9. Videogamerz

    I have mostly stuck to action/adventure or first-person shooter games. I’ve historically had difficulty understanding on a cultural or aesthetic level Japanese based games/anime though I do have a limited appreciation. Puzzle games I’ve avoided as I’ve thought them to be in game form only to appeal to kids.

    I’ve never played a role playing game though, and this is the genre that is on my to-do list. My problem with role playing games is I haven’t came across one that particularly grabs me enough to invest in it. And as I do not have much time for video games at all, it’s difficult for me to spend the little time I do have on such a time consuming genre.

  10. Parrish Colbert

    My favorite genre of game would have to be open world adventure games. I can’t really aim good enough for first person shooters and am not really a fan of stealth because I like a lot of action. I like vast atmosphere’s and stumbling upon new races of people and environments. I have started playing the alpha version of Destiny (a first person shooter) and it’s not that bad. This might be due to the fact that it is a newer game but I feel the shooting mechanics feel more accurate than previous first person shooters I have played.

    I have played pretty much every genre and the least of my favorites would have to be puzzle games because they are very time insensitive. The only puzzle game I could really get into would have to be Tomb Raider but that’s only because the action balances out with the problem solving.

  11. Clark Faust

    My favorite game is MVP Baseball 2005 by EA Sports for the Playstation2. It’s a baseball game and I really loved playing it as a youth and still to this day. It had the best gameplay of any baseball game I’ve ever played and that year had some amazing players to chose from (like Albert Pujols and David Ortiz in their prime) so it made the game even more fun. Obviously it is in the “sports game” genre which is my favorite genre of video games because I like the idea of playing out my fantasy of being a Major League baseball player.

    The genre I like that least and rarely ever play would be any type of first person shooter. I cannot get the hang of those types of games and I always end up getting stuck in some corner not able to get my character out. I’ve tried playing games of Halo with my friends numerous times and it usually results in me dying the whole time and maybe getting one kill by accident.

  12. Cr0uch_P0tat0e

    Currently my favorite game to play is Battlefield 4. In the past, my favorites were the Call of Duty series’s (starting at Modern Warfare, then respectively as they were released) and also Halo 3. When I say that these are my favorite, I mean that these are my favorite to play online against/with other people. I rarely buy a game for the campaign (excluding Halo), and rather would purchase a game for its online playability. These games are all first person shooters, and have a multitude of different games types you can play. I enjoy playing games online for the competitive aspect of it, and am just particularly a fan of the first person shooter type. I can’t think of any genre of game that I haven’t played, and I enjoy playing most every type of game, but nothing can hold my attention as well as playing a shooter online against other people. I think they have a higher replay-ability rate as you are always playing against someone with a different strategy, they offer fairly open maps so you can adjust your playing as needed, and the different game types allow you to stray from just focusing on getting the most kills.
    Games in the past that were also favorites and I have spent vast amount of hours playing range between Rockband/Guitar hero, Need for Speed, Madden, Skyrim, Runescape, and (sadly) Farmville.

  13. Sam Lundberg

    I can’t resist strategy games, even though, by any reasonable measure, I’m terrible at them. I’ve logged so many countless hours playing various Paradox Interactive games, specifically, and they are responsible for the little I actually know about world history.

    I’m terrible at them less by the typical understanding of the bad at/good at spectrum. I’m not skilled, per se, but I’m not horrendous. I’m bad in the sense that I can’t finish games, and I tend to end up quitting them, before games even get started. I’m too much of a perfectionist, and any sign that I’m not, not just winning, but actively demolishing all competition, eating their babies and pooping on their graves, and I stress out and start over.

    Which is an interesting thing: I think one could say one is “bad at” a genre in other mediums, like film. I’m, say, “bad at,” unskilled at, a lot about the slasher genre, because I can’t play by the rules they set forward, that we’re not supposed to care about the bodies of the teenagers involved as real beings capable of suffering but instead as big bags of meat and blood. I don’t play by the rules, so I can’t really get into that interpretive world, even if I have seen a lot of them (long story).

    There’s a sort of understanding in the strategy game that the interest, the pleasure, is from seeing this big epic story to its conclusion, and it’s usually only in the end-points of these games that people get interested. There’s something interesting to the way in which there are expectations on both sides of genres: the work’s half of the onus is to follow a series of rules, and, when it subverts them, to do so in a way that is still understandable in relation to the original rules; the audience’s half is to expect certain things, and, when they are referred to, when the work operates in relation with them, they are to enjoy that. There are genres of fans as readily as there are genres of art. (See: The many articles online that categorize types and sub-types of fans of various groups.)

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