Week 16

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  1. Garrett Lindgren

    Today, May 2nd of 2016 I walked with my fellow students of SIU through campus chanting words of encouragement and exclamations of discontent. the myriad of issues we as students face brought us a point where we felt it necessary to band together to get our message heard. it was exhilarating to be a part the process and to participate in the protest. I joined up with the protestors at 11 A.M. which consisted of marches throughout campus with assorted chants and mantras. I got to hold a massive banner and lead the group for a while until we reached Faner fountain where anyone who wanted to say something had a chance to get their voice heard.

  2. Daniel Vincent

    During the time I would’ve been in class today, I slept in a little bit, ate lunch, went to first Morris Library and then the Student Center Building to clarify some confusion on my scholarship, went into talk to you about my final, turned in my final alt.news segment of the year, and rehearsed for a performance I was in earlier tonight.

  3. Tara Lowry

    Today I watched the protests for a bit, listening to two people talk about the budget as well as racism and hoping to make the campus a tolerant place where everyone could learn together. I could not observe long though, as I then went to my classes that weren’t cancelled and worked on my final project painting frames for Maggie and my 2-D traditional animation. I did get to talk with someone later who was actually in the crowd during the protest, walking through campus, though.

  4. Tiffany McLaughlin

    On Monday I slept in till 11:30. I slept for 12 hours, it was much needed. I went to eat and then helped a friend who works for the newspaper ask students walking around campus how they felt about the protests and their safety. It was quite interesting what people had to say. I then made my way over to watch the last hour of the protest and stuck around a little after to hear a Trump debate. The rest of the day I spent working on my final paper for this class as well as a final film for another class.

  5. Casey

    I showed up outside Faner to document the protests. Mostly, on May 2nd, I focused on homework with the extra time from the cancellation of the Understanding Animation class. The event ended relatively early as the protesters completed their speeches. Later in the day, I wrapped filming on my short film for HD Cinematography with Hong, “Empathectomy.”

  6. Stefan Barnwell

    On Monday I slept in pretty late because I had trouble sleeping the night before. I worked on a project for another class for most of the day. Around 5:00 I walked around campus to see if there was anything still going on but did not see anything. I ate dinner at Lentz then headed back to my room for the rest of the evening.

  7. Dennis Hinton

    I spent the beginning of my day at work. As soon as I left work I went to the student center and grabbed a No racism t shirt which I believe was well designed. But I did not partake in any of the protest or rallies. Honestly I believe that it was a good cause but I have more important things to worry about than school budget or racism on campus. I believe the people who made the racist video are cowards and their threats didn’t hold any weight. So I carried my day like any other. And with the budget I feel like you have to worry about your grades before the money. I didn’t allow this movement to cause any form of distraction on my academics. so Monday I spent the day drawings for my project.

  8. Jon Booker

    On Monday I went to class due to me having a final drawing due that day. I did however, get to watch the strike for a little while. It was interesting to watch everyone voice their concerns and was a very unique experience. During the first part of class time I actually practiced setting up a installation for my CP 102 class. After I had that done and was pleased with how that looked I met up with Ashley to Record us going over the presentation. We got done around 5:15. I then went to my night class and after I got out at 9, I went home and went to bed.

  9. Dionte Bolling

    On May 2nd I slept in late, because I didn’t have to get up for class. All day I just stayed home and did homework for my classes. But at times I did go on Facebook and saw posts from WSIU about the “peaceful” protest and I was hoping that everyone was being safe. Other than that, it was just a regular day of a college student doing homework and watching TV.

  10. Trevor Leavell

    On May 2nd, I woke up to the uproar of the protest, but I went to Lawson to dip into my Psychology lecture, but barley anyone was there. Later I documented the protest to help my roommate with his with a project, then I went to lunch with my girlfriend. After that I went to the gathering by Faner, but got tired and took a nap. I also had an incredibly sore neck.

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