Draft Three

Draft 3 – Vocabulary and Specifications

Group: Lauren Jimenez, Michele Leigh, Lauren Pirritano

UPMS – User Preservation and Metadata Standards Vocabulary

This document establishes the first fifteen definitions for our schema designed to describe audiovisual materials. In this instance we are particularly focusing on home movies within a collection. (We list the parent inspiration in parenthesis.)[1]

  1. Title (METS/PREMIS/PBCore)
  2. Creator (METS/PREMIS/PBCore)
  3. Date created (METS/PREMIS/PBCore)
  4. Object format/total run time/aspect ratio/frame rate (PREMIS)
  5. Event (PREMIS)
  6. Agent (PREMIS)
  8. Location (METS/PREMIS/PBCore)
  9. Technical metadata (techMD)
  10. Rights (rightsMD)
  11. Description (PBCore)
  12. Preservation notes/plans/storage/digitization/migration/etc.
  13. Subject heading (PBCore) 
  14. Usertags / notes
  15. Usersource


[1]     Please also note, they are not listed in order of importance, rather by which of us was doing the defining.