Draft One

Group Members: Michele Leigh, Lauren Pirritano, Lauren Jimenez

About Members:

Lauren Jimenez is a data specialist. She will be graduating with her MS/LIS later this summer and is interested in working in research development and database management.

Michele Leigh is a film historian. She has a PhD in film studies and is currently working on her MLIS in Archives and Special Collections with an emphasis on audiovisual archives and preservation.

Lauren Pirritano is Media Producer at the Video Data Bank. She will be graduating with her MS/LIS in December 2021 and is interested in continuing her career in moving image archiving and preservation.

Point of Contact: Michele Leigh

General Domain/Topic:

The general domain/topic for our schema will be audio visual collections, specifically moving image works, that cater to an academic audience. This hypothetical collection could be considered a special collection at a university used for scholarly research or media production. We are particularly interested in exploring the inclusion of user added metadata in our schema. Our group thought that combining elements of preexisting PREMIS and METS schemas with a more interactive approach would serve this type of AV collection well.

Intended Audience/Potential Users:

The intended audience and/or potential users for this AV based special collection will primarily be academics conducting scholarly research or producing new media. One important consideration we would like to make in the structuring of our schema is usability. It is important for us to involve the user in our tagging system if possible. It would be great to allow the user who interacts with the collection to mark the items in the collection with notes, tags, or other markings. Allowing for a more dynamic interaction between user and collection will help sustain interest in the collection as well as bring previously unattended areas of the collection to light. It would be a great way of using finding aids to simultaneously record histories of the collection and its use.